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Keep in shape the sexy way

It seems like other countries have the best news. Today's article that caught my attention was posted in the UK's People magazine that says if you are bored with the gym for workouts, get in shape doing exercises like striptease, belly dancing, burlesque, or pole dancing. I can just see my husband's reaction with I state, "don't mind me, I'm just installing this pole in the living room to get some exercise."

Actually, I can see where any of those would work. One of my FAVORITE shows I've seen in Las Vegas is the show Crazy Girls. I'm not into women, but WOW is that erotic. There is one act where a woman comes out in a trench coat and like an old style german uniform cap, and REALLY works a pole to Madonna's tune, "Human Nature." I'd LOVE to be able to do that, she ended up climbing that pole and hanging upsided down with just her inner thigh muscles. Oh yea, you'd be in killer shape to do that.

Belly dancing too would be great. So is Hula. I lived in Hawaii 18 years, and since most hula is done in a partial squat position, you get rock hard thighs, plus it tones up your waist good. Should have kept that up.

So if you are getting bored with your workout and its only Febuary in the new year, then try getting sexy...who knows? You might lose weight...AND get your lover away from the TV long enough for some hot sex afterwards. ;)


Posted by: Vicky on Feb 06, 07 | 8:12 pm | Profile


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