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Check out Brad's pics, this guy is definitely a cookie. What is that? Well, I rate men based on what you would allow them to eat in bed. (Or what you would kick them out for eating in bed) A cracker is pretty crumbly, and that guy is good lucking. A cookie more so, plus chocolate chips are gooey and stain the sheets. The elite is a powdered donut. Since there is no way to eat that without making a mess. powdered donuts are the hottest of the hot.

Brad is a cookie, but I admit, I have some definite powdered donuts in my new site, Sexy Wet Men. This site explores a personal fetish of mine...watching cookies and powered donuts get wet, soapy and slippery in the shower. There is just something about water cascading down a washboard stomach that makes all my inner muscles clench.
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