It seems like lately porn sites are all about extremes. How many cocks a man can stuff in various holes. Gagging. Degregation of women. Ladies, I don't know about you, but that stuff turns me off big time.

See I love to read romance books. (And sci-fi fantasy, lately I've also been really into vampires). I love to read about men who take their time with foreplay. Kissing and licking. Teasing touches. Burning looks across a room. Loving that when he finally enters her with his cock they are both so turned on, they almost burst into flame.

That is the kind of porn I like. Foreplay. Afterglow, and hot sizzling sex. Does it really get any better than that?

Its why I built Romantic Couples For Her. In it, I have just those kinds of pics. Lots of kisses and licks. Like the two galleries in this free site that features two couples making love...not just having sex for the camera. So if you like the kind of porn like I do, then
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Where kisses and passion are always in fashion ;)

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