"If he reads me one more sonnet talking of a man and a woman making love and doesn't make love to me himself...I'm going to scream!" thought Dorothea with a groan as Isaac started reading aloud yet another sonnet. I don't think he even realizes that I'm more than willing to feel his hands...his tongue...his erection inside me. I think it is time for me to take matters into my own hands. Dorothea took a quick breath for courage, then gently placed her hand on Isaac's chest until he stopped reading. When he stumbled to a halt and looked up her, she said in a voice not much more than a whisper,
"Sweetheart, I've eluded my chaperones today. We are all alone. If you read one more sonnet without kissing me, touching me....making love to me...I'm going to die of unfulfilled love."

"Oh Dorothea, I'd like nothing better my sweet. I promise I'll be gentle and I will make you feel very, VERY good..."

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Gently his lips touched hers, then he broke the kiss and began licking her neck. She felt her whole body shiver at the feel of his tongue, then heat rush to her core when his fingers began caressing her breasts through her dress.

His hands became more urgent as her nipples stiffened into hard peaks until he pulled her breasts out of her dress and began licking and sucking her breasts. "That feels so good...don't stop Isaac...please" she begged, knowing only she needed MORE but not knowing what that was.

Isaac gently reached under her dress and pulled down her under garments. He then began kissing her on the core of her womanhood making liquid heat gather, building her up in a spiral of pleasure that she didn't want to stop. His tongue flicked and caressed her over and over again until Dorothea put her hand in front of his face stopping him. "I feel as though I'm going to explode...I'm scared."

"You are going to explode all right honey. Let me lick you...you will explode with pleasure." He proceeded to remove her hand, then licked her faster and faster until spasms of pleasure rocked her body and she felt as though she floated among the stars on a cloud of pleasure...

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