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Why you should not use cheap garden hose

June 6th, 2008by Vicky ·

new pond in the back yard  We have a swamp cooler that cools our garage, and we had a short we bought at WalMart for a few dollars that ran from the bib, to the cooler.  When I went out yesterday morning and watered everything, it was all dory.Well, when I went out at about 6pm last night, I found the had split, and it was fountaining up in the air about 5′ and had added this pond to the back yard.


I squished my way through the clay soil and got it turned off, but wow did we have a lot of .This is where the broke, my hubby had already replaced it by the time I got the picture taken.

 As you can see we have a small hill between the garage and the (left over from when they built up the pad for the garage, which was built after we bought the house) and we had a mini waterfall over the bluff into the backyard where all my tomatoes are planted.  Fortunately, it didn’t them.
 The part that worried me though was it flooded the .  When I looked over and saw this, I was hoping it wouldn’t just sink into the ground.  See my part of the country is an old lake bottom, and the soil can settle, well, a LOT if you leave on it like this.
 The inside was pretty flooded, the was about 3″ deep, but only about 1/2 way back into the .  I’m planning on building lettuce boxes on the floor on each side, and I’m glad they were not already in place when this happened. 

We are getting ready to go to a convention for 2 days in July, and we are glad this happend now, and not then.  I can’t even imagine how bad this would have been if it had gone a few days.  Our backyard is privacy fenced, so it would have had to a LOT before the neighbors even noticed it behind us, and we have no neighbors on either side of us for an acre.

Thankfully, this morning everything is ok.  I was able to walk in the to everything without squishing into the dirt (like I did last night), and the pond is gone.  Amazing how much damage can be done in a short time, and how quickly it goes away.

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