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Entries from July 2008

All time favorite pic of wet hunk

July 31st, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

I Love love love this pic!  I just submitted a gallery today for my site Sexy Wet Men, and used pics of Flynn. This muscular sexy guy starts out in a red t-shirt and grey boxer style undies and gets wet in the shower.  He strips them off, revealing a REALLY nice body, then finally soaps up and masturbates.  I think this is one of the hottest sets of pics of solo men I have, and you can see them all inside Sexy Wet Men.  Mmmmm pass the bar of soap!

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His Fingers Find Her Folds

July 30th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Her lips graze against his neck as he gently cradles her head. She can smell his unique manly scent, subtle and irresistible.

And his hand creeps past her thigh, his touch creating tingles. His fingers find her folds, moist and ready for him. Soon he is massaging her swollen clit and she can feel the pleasure building…

You’ll find more pics from this gorgeously photographed couples set at .

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Lets Play Doctor

July 28th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

There is something oh so naughty about playing Doctor and Nurse.  Take this naughty little nurse in her cute outfit, and this hunky doctor checking to make sure everything is ok.  Yea, I’d like him to check out a few things on me. ;)  I love doctor fantasies, always have.  Something about those stirrups  just look like it would be the perfect position for a guy to really get in deep.  My site Fantasy Worlds For Women, you can live out like  fantasies like playing doctor.  Mmmmm, come explore all those naughty little fantasies today!

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The Classic Centerfold Pose

July 27th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Back in the 70s, when male centerfolds were shockingly new, this “reclining on the couch” pose was de rigeur for all aspiring stud muffins. Burt Reynolds’ classic 1972 centerfold features him relaxing nude, still breathing despite the weight of his mustache, looking every bit like the suave sexual god we knew him to be.

So Jack here is following in lofty footsteps (or is that bumsteps?). He’s got the pose just right, perfectly nonchalant yet still daring us to look away from the magnificence of his wedding tackle. This photo is just pure class all the way. Of course, the rest of the set is pretty good too. Jack is quite the hottie and a favourite at For The Girls.


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Steamy Erotica For Her Update

July 26th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

There is something deliciously old fashioned about a man that kisses your hand. I’ve always loved that old world tradition, and you don’t see that much anymore. But what makes Rick so special is he not only kisses and licks Anna’s hand, he also licks her pussy, then makes love to her with a very big dick! *sigh* nothing like a well-hung man who knows how to use his cock.

You can see all of Rick’s and Anna’s pics at Steamy Erotica For Her.  Every week on Wednesday, like clockwork, we add another hot steamy couple to our site.  I also have cunnilingus and hunky men picks, and monthly male centerfolds.  Oh and don’t forget the movies that are hand-picked to appeal towards women. Check it out! ;)

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This weeks update to Cunnilingus Erotica

July 25th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Cherrie here, and I LOVE cunnilingus! I love it when my hubby goes down on me and licks me to orgasm. ;)Judging by this weeks update to Cunnilingus Erotica, I’d say Katrina likes the way Ryder goes down on her too.

Every week, I add more hot pussy licking pics, with some foreplay pics too, to Cunnilingus Erotica. Over the past year, I’ve built up almost 100 galleries of sweet cunnilingus! So Ladies, if you haven’t had enough pussy licking to please you, head on over for all of Katrina and Ryder’s pics, and the other 46 galleries of cunnilingus!

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It’s Fun To Be On Top

July 24th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

We girls know that it’s always fun to be on top, controlling the action, looking down at your guy as he squirms beneath you, watching the pleasure wash across his face as you ride his cock.

So there’s no need at all to explain the expression of pleasure on Bunny’s face as she sits astride her lover Roy. You just know she’s digging her nails into his chest because his cock is deep inside her and her clit is swollen, so she’s ready to come.

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Rock Hard At The Rockpools

July 20th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Look what the tide brought in – a sexy older man getting rock hard at the rockpools. Steve here strips out of his Speedos to reveal a taut body and thick cock. If Mermen existed, they might look a little bit like this.

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Figure Study Finals turn Sexy

July 19th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Nothing like a hunky teacher doing some nude modeling one on one for a figure study final. I never took an art class where they had nude models to draw, but I can imagine it would be difficult to not squirm in your seat looking at a beefcake like this. I did, however, have some professors I had crushes on and had us doing all kinds of things together in my imagination. Many times involving sex on his desk like this couple ends up doing.

If you have an active imagination like I do, you’ll love Fantasy Worlds For Women. There I have all kinds of fantasies from roman orgies, to pirates. Sneaky office sex to femdoms. Even hunky nude models that make love to the student. ;)


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Oh the joys of governments

July 18th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

I’ve been going crazy with trying to change the status of my one business. My ex accountant told me years ago to set up two corporations. One for my online web business, and one for a part-time making soap as a hobby business.

Well it came to pass that the yearly fees to renew the soap business were costing more than the gross income the business produced, so my new accountant suggested changing the status to a dba under my existing web corporation. No more annual list of officers, state business license. Just my yearly town license.

Sounds simple. But I go to the town office and I have to have something from the state showing proof of the change. The DBA I filed is not enough. She hands me a stack of forms. So I called our state office and get a very nice man on the phone that says we can do a compliance doc. So he sends me the form, I fill it out, I get it notarized, I send it back, he signs it, he faxes it back.

Meanwhile, I fill out all the state forms they require, attach checks, and once I get the compliance doc back, I mail that off.

I’m happy, I get down to the town office today and find out, well you have to go to the planning department. Doesn’t matter that this is an existing business…you are closing it, and re-opening the same business under your corp, so planning department has to approve it.

Sooo I got down to the planning department. Now our planning department is notorious for requesting some pretty outrageous things, so I’m dreading this. What if they say I can’t practice my web business any more out of my house?

Fortunately, when I explained that I have two business, both do everything online, no clients come to my house, I’m reassured that I pay $10.00, I go back next week Tues or Wed, and the paperwork will be ready. Then I can go back to the town office, and will be good to go.

So I have to file two different forms, write a letter, pay a fee, and a deposit with our state. I had to file one form with the planning department, and about 5 forms with my town. All to change a corporation to a dba. Don’t you just love the government?

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