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Entries from February 2009

Lets see sex or dinner? I choose sex!

February 26th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Listed up a free site today of this horny couple who are trying to decide what to have for dinner, when Chad decides he wants Vicky served up a la carte on the kitchen table!  Check it out, I think I’ll try to get my husband to go for some kitchen sex tonight too. ;)


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Brazilian Babe

February 24th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Brazilian bombshell Carlos meets all requirements to become a For The Girls hunk. Sultry good looks, come fuck me eyes, a firm torso and butt, and a generously proportioned cock. It’s not surprising Carlos is so popular.

To see all of Carlos’ redeeming features, check out his pics at The hottest guys on the planet.

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Oral Pleasure

February 24th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Bobby is an expert with his tongue, and takes his time pleasuring Kelly with lots of lusty clit licking and sexy foreplay.

See Bobby and Kelly at Lusty foreplay, hot sex and luxurious afterglow!

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Kiss Me Lover

February 20th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

I put up a free site with a story called Kiss Me Lover that features Jeff and Rachel having a romantic night of kissing and cunnilingus.  Mmmm now that sounds like a plan!  Check it out!


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Frankly My Dear..

February 19th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

OK, so the only similarity between our cute model Rhett and the real Rhett Butler is they share the same name. And we are certain Rhett Butler never posed nude for a porn site. But be assured, if he had done so, we would have the pics at For The Girls!

Check out ‘the other’ Rhett at Hot guys for women.

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Sensual Massage

February 17th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Mmmm. What a way to start the day. Katarina treats her lover to a sensual massage, which quickly leads to some more erotic touching, some hot foreplay and naturally, great sex.

has thousands of hot photos of sexy couples.

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Hot love on a leather couch

February 15th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Posted up a gallery today of this horny couple making love on a leather couch. This guy is so strong, he ends up picking her up and standing up making love. I wonder what that’s like. Check it out. :)

couples-pictures-12t_150x150      couples-pictures-13t_150x150

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Valentine’s Day Romance

February 14th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Annika made the final adjustments to her makeup and wondered what Bob had in store for their Valentine’s Day date tonight. Frankly, she didn’t expect much. Sure, Bob was a great guy, and they got along well, but the man was born without a romantic bone in his body. His idea of a perfect evening seemed to involve a plate of Nachos and a Farrelly Brothers DVD.

The mirror reflected her mouth as it twisted in a wry smile. He probably would have completely forgotten Valentines if she hadn’t given him several large hints about it. The well-placed jewelry catalogue didn’t get his attention as much as her loud musings about lingerie, but it had worked out well enough in the end.

“Happy Valentines Day,” he’d told her on the phone this morning, a smile in his voice. “Let’s do something special tonight.”…Click here for the rest of the story!

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Happy Valentines Day!

February 14th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Today is a good day to snuggle up with your lover and make love.  Here it is chilly, and I wish we had a fireplace to snuggle in front of and make love.  Oh well, the bed works just as well too.

If you don’t have a love in your life, check out the hunky guys at For The Girls.  They are more than willing to give you a Valentine’s day treat!


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Cute Amateur Guys

February 12th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

One of the benefits of running a site like For The Girls is the number of guys that send their photographs in to us. Our Amateur section is packed with pics of guys from all over the world, who just want their 15 minutes of fame, and they want to do it naked!

Check out our sexy amateurs at Cute amateur hotties

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