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Entries from June 2009

Blonde and Beautiful

June 29th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Blonde, beautiful and very well endowed, hunky Peter proudly shows off his finelly chiselled body and sizeable cock as he indulges in some self pleasure on the zebra striped couch

Whether you are interested in Peter’s home decorating style, or you just want to watch him masturbate

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Sex and Sensuality

June 28th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

This very sensual photoset features the gorgeous Laura and and her hunky partner Nick indulging in some very sexy foreplay, with lots of pussy licking and touching.

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Tomas Masturbates

June 23rd, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Not only is hunky Tomas blessed with great eyes, good looks and a stunning body, he is also blessed with a very big cock. Tomas takes care of business in this sexy photoset.

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Lick, Suck, Taste, Fuck

June 23rd, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

James loves to kiss. And he loves to lick and suck and taste. Lucky Elle, who is on the receiving end of all this oral attention. Oh, and James likes to fuck too

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Gloria getting a good licking

June 20th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Gloria was really horny, and she knew her hunky boss, who also happened to be her boyfriend, was just the ticket for a little relief. They had been working long hours on a project lately, so she decided to seduce him for some desktop licking. So she crawled on the desk, grabbed him by the tie, and told him, “I want you to lick me to orgasm, then fuck my tight wet pussy until you explode inside me…”   Check out this free site by clicking here of this pair having fun on an office desk.


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Treeside Trysting

June 19th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

This English Maid is having quite an enjoyable tussle with her lover in the shade. I have always wondered what it would be like back then to lift your skirts and make love in the grass with your beau. If you too like to fantasize about sex in unusual situations, fantasy worlds, or in exotic costumes, then Fantasy Worlds For Women is the site for you!

Daniel’s tongue drives me insane as he licks my clit, my folds, and deep within me until I climax, releasing all my juices to his hungry tongue.

When my shudders stop, he gently enters my tight wet core, stroking faster and faster. His cock feels so good inside me…he knows just how to stroke me to build my orgasm to its highest.

I know I shouldn’t be here, I know any minute we may be caught…but I don’t care because the feel of my climax washing over me just as she pours his seed into me, screaming my name, makes it worth the risk…


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Baby Faced Cutie

June 18th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Hunky Karl is young, fresh faced and keen to please. But don’t let Karl’s baby faced looks fool you. Karl has a very nice body and a rather large cock which he puts to good use.

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Passionate sex on silk bedspread

June 18th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

This couple are not like the ones featured in the youtube video I posted a bit ago.  Mark knows how to make the best of a passionate interlude with slow undressing with kissing all the skin that is revealed.  Cunnilingus, and then sex that makes both of them moan and close their eyes in pleasure.  Yes, that is what makes it really GOOD.

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Ooh Girl an honest R & B song

June 18th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Saw this posted up on a webmaster board, and laughed until I was crying.  Finally, a man who is honest about his lack of ability to have sex all night long.  Enjoy. ;)

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This nerd knows how to lick

June 17th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

I love a man in glasses.  Always have.  There is something about a nerdy looking guy that really turns me on.  Well Jared is a typical nerd when he is dressed.  Thick glasses, kinda shy.  But he peels off his shirt, and he is a well built stud who really knows how to lick!  Mmmm now that is really my kind of man!


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