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The Classic Centerfold Pose

July 27th, 2008by Vicky ·

Back in the 70s, when male centerfolds were shockingly new, this “reclining on the couch” pose was de rigeur for all aspiring stud muffins. Burt Reynolds’ classic 1972 features him relaxing nude, still breathing despite the weight of his mustache, looking every bit like the suave sexual god we knew him to be.

So Jack here is following in lofty footsteps (or is that bumsteps?). He’s got the pose just right, perfectly nonchalant yet still daring us to look away from the magnificence of his wedding tackle. This photo is just pure class all the way. Of course, the rest of the set is pretty good too. Jack is quite the hottie and a favourite at For The Girls.


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