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Entries from January 2009

The Photographer

April 26th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

I’ve done professional for a website (a wet and messy one, that was a lot of fun, lol) but I’ve never been able to film on film. This set of pics is a hot fantasy of mine, what if you were a female photographer, filming a hunky , and things got carried away?

You start out all professional, but when he undresses and you get a peek at his package, things could take a turn to the steamy!

See all the juicy pics in my site Steamy Erotica For Her.

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New Site! Romantic Couples For Her!

April 26th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

I finally finished my latest site, Romantic Couples For Her. These pictures were picked for having the best foreplay…kisses, touches, slowly undressing, nibbles, , and then passionate !

Every other week, I’ll add more romantic to the site. And as the rest of the sites that you see here, join one, and get access to all the rest FOR FREE! :)

So check it out, and let me know what you think.

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The count and the slave girls

April 25th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

One of the updates to Fantasy Worlds For Women this month involves a naughty count and two slaves girls. Promised freedom if they will fulfill his deviant desires, these three get into quite a threesome.

I almost didn’t include this set, but I LOVE the costume the count is wearing. His makeup is pretty hot too. There is something about a guy in an old-fashioned wig, face paint, and formal wear from 17th or 18th century that looks like a priss, getting down and dirty with two that makes my toes tingle. ;)

Explore this, and many more fantasies by visiting Fantasy Worlds For Women.

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Ordered my seeds…

April 24th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

I think I’m starting to drive my husband crazy, lol. Now that I have a , I want to fill it up with plants. With prices of rice going through the roof, I decided it might be a good idea to grow a starch for us, so I picked yellow yukon potatoes to grow. I’ll have a row outside the of these delicious veggies, and they are supposed to mature in only 77 days, so potatoes will be ready soon YUM!

I also picked up seeds for a purple bell pepper. I’ve never seen them in the store, but the reviews sound good, and they seem to be very prolific as far as production, so I’m pretty happy on that. ;)

Working on another new site for too while seed shopping, so I’ll be putting a post up in the next day or so with links for that.

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Massive Update to Cunnilingus Erotica!

April 24th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Today was one of the largest updates in the history of our site to Cunnilingus Erotica!

Over 100 pics of great as various amateur couples show how they like to get down.

Usually, when a set of pictures is shot, there are a some foreplay pics, and very few pics of cunnilingus, so updates are not as large as some of my other sites like Steamy Erotica For Her. But this update isn’t like that. 100% of the pictures are cunnilingus, and there are over 100 of them!

So ladies, if you aren’t getting enough , make sure you click on over to Cunnilingus Erotica!

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The Remote Wars

April 19th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Ok how many of you have been in this situation? Your husband is planted in front of the TV, remote in hand, and sex is the LAST thing on his mind.

Well Vivian decides its time for some loving, and takes the remote away from Chuck, then with a few good kisses, and some sucking on his cock, convinces him that sex is WAY better than that re-run you were zoning out to on TV!

See ALL the hot pics in this set at Steamy Erotica For Her!

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I don’t recommend cutting your hair with a weedwacker…

April 18th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Well my husband and I were getting ready to do some gravel hauling when he had to replace a part on our garden tractor. I decided to get out the weed wacker, and trim under our mesquite trees in the front yard.

Now these trees have branches that are fairly low, so I was bent over going under the trees. I was practing safe weed wacking…had my safety goggles on over my .

All of a sudden it felt like a cat jumped out of the tree, stuck all its claws into my scalp and hung on for dear life. I screamed, and started yelling “get it off me” at the top of my lungs.

MadHatter came running out of the garage, vaulted a rather large bush, and found me on the ground screaming and it appeard I was studying the motor of the weed eater REAL close.

As he came around he found the motor had sucked my into it, and was wrapped around the impellor. He had to go get sissors from the house to cut me loose.

So I went this evening and got my cut and now it is mid back and shoulder length in layers instead of down to my butt. It looks a lot healthier I admit, but I do miss the long .

So If you have long , and are going to use a weed eater…my advice is put your in a bun before you do because getting your cut by a weed wacker is no fun.

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Maid In a Tryst

April 17th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Here is a gallery I posted today of a Maid having a tryst with a local landowner. You can read the story and see all the hot pics by clicking here. If you love fantasy scenarios like I do, make sure you check out my site Fantasy Worlds For Women

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Painful Dick Tattoo

April 15th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Once again, my sister sent me this in the mail, and all I can say is OUCH!

click to see all the images

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Are YOUR taxes done?

April 15th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Wow can’t believe it is April 15th already! I had to file an extension on my personal taxes because my mortgage company mis-applied some payments, had to regenerate my 1098, and didn't get it to me on time. Sometimes I really hate corporations.

Here's to hoping YOUR tax day went better!

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