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Entries from December 2008

Kinky couple have some hot sex while her hands are tied

August 31st, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

I think this set of pics are hot. There is something about being slightly out of control that having your hands tied brings to sex. This couple is so , and when he peels her fishnets off with his , I knew then he had something in mind other then just bread and butter sex. Click here for my gallery, or check out Steamy Erotica For Her full of couples having steamy sex and occasionally getting kinky. ;)

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Sometimes afternoon sex is just the ticket

August 30th, 2008by Vicky · 1 Comment

This horny couple decide that a little afternoon sex is just the ticket for a rainy Saturday like today is here.  Caro has a grin almost ear to ear in this pic as Brent her clit just right.  Mmmm.  Check out the full gallery of pics by clicking here!

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Nothing like a doctor who knows how to lick

August 29th, 2008by Vicky · 1 Comment

When this naughty little nurse visited her doctor for a checkup, he found out that she had not had a good orgasm by cunnilingus in way to long.  Being an old-fashioned hands-on doctor, he suggested that he help her make up for that lack!  Check out all the cunnilingus pics by clicking here!

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A Rare Redheaded Hunk

August 27th, 2008by Vicky · 1 Comment

Redheads tend to be disparaged in our society, particularly redheaded guys. But the truth is that a with red is often very sexy. Just look at Neil here. He’s quite the Fantapants but I don’t think anyone would deny that he’s also a very good looking . AND he’s naked. What’s not to like?

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Turn of the century seduction

August 27th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Its no secret, I love , and today I posted up a gallery of a couple in costumes that really got my juices flowing. :)I love how it starts out with this duke reading poetry to his lovely lady. That doesn’t last long though, as the love sonnets get things steamed up until they are making out on the settee like long term lovers.

If you love like I do, check out the gallery, then make sure you visit my site, Fantasy Worlds For Women. Full of all kinds of costumes and sexy fantasy scenarios that will get your juices flowing too.

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Hot Man Licks Pussy

August 27th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

couples pics are always a turn on but there’s usually never enough photos of the going down on the girl. Thankfully, always makes sure the guys do their fair share of ! This is Mark going down on Brianna, her pussy while she squirms with delight.

Check out all the erotic couples photos at

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Nothing like a little loving on the couch

August 27th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

I think this is so hunky in his artfully ripped jeans. He comes in to find his sexy girlfriend in this long white over robe and nothing else on the couch, wet and willing for some afternoon nookie. First she gets a great , then rides his cock…even strokes him a bit with her feet. Mmmm, sounds like a plan to me for this afternoon. Check out all the pics by clicking here.

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Sexy Stockings wrapped around his thighs

August 26th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

I love sexy , and Trisha has the legs to wear them. White thigh highs along with some sexy white lace panties to tease her honey into some hot sex. There is just something about dressing a little naughty for sex, it adds spice that sometimes is lacking in longer term relationships. Judging the look of orgasmic bliss you can see on her face as she rides his cock, I’d say its doing something for her too. Check out a gallery of pics of Trisha and her sexy by clicking here.

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The look of orgasm by cunnilingus

August 23rd, 2008by Vicky · 2 Comments

I love this pic. :)Having had my husband me to just last night, I know how she feels.  There is NOTHING as good as a man who knows how use his tongue and fingers to make you .  Intercourse is great, but for me, is sooooo much better. :)

If you like like I do, make sure you check out Cunnilingus Erotica. Full of men who love to go down.  Mmmmm Yumm.

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A Naked Man And His Massive Duck

August 21st, 2008by Vicky · 1 Comment

I’m sure you’ll agree that porn offers us many things, but it rarely provides the opportunity to admire a naked man holding a massive rubber duck.

Thus is was that For The Girls set out to fill the breach, hiring the services of sexy British male stripper Jay and finding just the right sort of massive rubber duck for the occasion. Jay gave us just what we were looking for: taut muscles, a big smile, a complete lack of clothing. And he got on very well with the duck, no doubt about it. The result was this fab photo and a whole bunch of others: in short, the perfect duck job.

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