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Blindfolded Fantasy

June 28th, 2008by Vicky ·

What if your lover said, Babe, let me blindfold you and make love to you. Would you do it? Would you have enough trust to do it? Imagine not being able to see what is going on so you have to rely on your other senses. Your sense of smell. I love the smell of a man’s arousal. His unique scent that tells you he is turned on. Touch would be hightened. Every touch of his fingers, lips, tongue and would be doubled. And hearing. The scrape of a zipper being lowered. The sound of a groan, a sigh, or the whisper of clothing as it drops to the floor.

That is the fantasy scenario in these pics, and just one of many that can be found at Fantasy Worlds For Women. Visit today and live out all your naughty fantasies…

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