Posted on April 18, 2008 in My Day To Day Life by Vicky
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Well my husband and I were getting ready to do some gravel hauling when he had to replace a part on our garden tractor. I decided to get out the weed wacker, and trim under our mesquite trees in the front yard.

Now these trees have branches that are fairly low, so I was bent over going under the trees. I was practing safe weed wacking…had my safety goggles on over my glasses.

All of a sudden it felt like a cat jumped out of the tree, stuck all its claws into my scalp and hung on for dear life. I screamed, and started yelling “get it off me” at the top of my lungs.

MadHatter came running out of the garage, vaulted a rather large bush, and found me on the ground screaming and it appeard I was studying the motor of the weed eater REAL close.

As he came around he found the motor had sucked my into it, and was wrapped around the impellor. He had to go get sissors from the house to cut me loose.

So I went this evening and got my cut and now it is mid back and shoulder length in layers instead of down to my butt. It looks a lot healthier I admit, but I do miss the long .

So If you have long , and are going to use a weed eater…my advice is put your in a bun before you do because getting your cut by a weed wacker is no fun.