Posted on May 24, 2008 in Women's Sexuality Explored by Vicky
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I recently ran across the Expert Guide To Cunnilingus where expert Justine Jolie, where she teaches anatomy, tips, and techniques for , then demonstrates various techniques. It also features hottie Jack Lawrence who loves to go down and give women orgasms through and has some great high-def video of him doing just that. I also love they have a real married (something you don’t often see in adult films) Kelly Kline and Kevin who demonstrate various positions for the best .

If you have a lover that is not up to par in delivering orgasms to you, this is a good video to purchase and watch together. If you are single, its a good video to watch just to see all the great scenes that really tingle my toes to watch. ;)Either way, it is a DVD I recommend for any woman’s collection.

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