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Have any of you tried to work, and this is the kind of view you get?

This is my , or Bu for short. She LOVES attention. If I don’t pet her, she will reach down and hook my fingers off the keyboard and try to get them back up to her back for a . She is even trying to eat one of my paperclips right now, which she is finding out doesn’t taste very good, lol. 

Poor thing, Abbys have teeth and gum issues, and I have to take her in a few weeks to get her teeth cleaned, and possibly some pulled.  When I took her to the vet last week, the vet gave me toothpaste, and told me to buy a child’s brush to brush her teeth.

Ever tried to brush a ’s teeth?  It is an experience…unless you have also taken said off treats to help her lose a few pounds, and she LOVES the taste of poultry flavored toothpaste.

Now every morning before I feed them, I give her a taste of it on the brush, then put more and brush her teeth, then another taste as a reward.  It is an enzamatic cleaner that all I have to do is get it on her teeth to help.  I really hope brushing them for the month before her appointment daily saves a few teeth.  Apparently,  alot of Abbys end up toothless by the time they are 7….which will mean she will fit on my husbands Redneck Porn Blog as my with no teeth.

I love my , I have two with two VERY different personalities. But sometimes, I just want to get done with my and instead I have that insist on being .

*sigh* I guess this is what happens when you have a pussy that wants attention. ;)

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