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Tue Jan 30, 2007

What do women like in Porn?

I had a discussion with my sister today about porn on the internet. It started with talking about how her cable tv bill is always more than they figure it would be, because her husband would order the adult package, which gets you 6 channels for 3 hours of porn for about $20. I told her for that price, she would be better off purchasing a membership to a site for $30, and get to see all the movies all month, not just for 3 hours.

It lead into a discussion on wether she would watch porn by herself, and she admitted she probably wouldn't. She'd watch it with her husband, but not alone. She as asking me "is there really a lot of women looking for porn on the internet?" I replied, "absolutely." I said I love to look at porn (why I have the job I do) and if I wasn't in a relationship, I'd seriously consider setting up a webcam of myself. Plus I'd have paid memberships to a few sites. Many a time when I was living alone, I masturbated to porn movies.

We then got talking about what type of porn do women like? Me, I like romantic movies. With foreplay and cunnilingus. I like hardcore action too...and close up shots. Group sex, even gangbangs turn me on. They are not something I would participate in, but I think for women it is the thought of doing something that is erotic...sometimes more so then actually doing it.

I also have what would be called a "dress up fetish." I LOVE boots. High heeled shoes. Leather, latex and femdom clothes. Whips. I'm not into bondage, or acting like a femdom, I just like their clothes. I think Celeste in underworld had one of the coolest outfits a woman could wear. Yummm. And I like guys in leather and boots too.

I know ladies that run sites for women, like the gals that run the site For The Girls say that they don't like pics or movies where the chicks are wearing impossible high heels to bed. And there are, I'm sure, other ladies that feel that way. Me, I think it is sexy as hell and a turn on.

That is what makes the internet so cool. I can find pics and movies like I like. My sister and her husband can find what floats their boat. A turnon for one may be a turnoff for another....but I can guarentee that each will find a site somewhere that has their turnons and not their turnoffs.

What do women like in porn? I really think it could be almost anything.

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 30, 07 | 5:43 pm |
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Sun Jan 28, 2007

Have you ever dictated while you type?

This is the first time I've tried using Dragon NaturallySpeaking in order to type on my blog. It's really working a lot better than I thought it would. I'm still ironing out some of the bugs in the program, but overall I have to say it's a lot faster than typing these. It really amazes me that I can kind of mumble my way through and talk in this microphone, and watch this thing type faster than I possibly could, and I'm a pretty damn fast typer.

I'm not to make this a long post, because I really don't have anything to talk about right now, but I just wanted to demonstrate how this is got to make me type a lot more in the future my blog, just because it's a hell of a lot easier.

If you're a slow typist, or a lazy typist, I really recommend this program.

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 28, 07 | 9:59 pm |
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Sun Jan 21, 2007

Worked all day on my link list, now its time to play

I've been working all day on one of our link lists, breaking up big categories into smaller ones. I had to go into php MyAdmin and edit the sites to move them to their new categories...and man was that a long, slow process. Sad thing is, I have 9 more categories I want to break up. I can see that php MyAdmin is going to become my best friend or worst enemy.

But now it is time to stop with the porn, and do one of the things I love to do best, and that is read. Right now I'm reading Dark Demon by Chirstine Feehan. I love the lead heroine Natalya, she has a very wicked wisecracking sense of humor. This is the I think the 13th book in this series, and yes, I've read the other 12. Now that I'll finish this series up, I'll have to find something new to read. What next?

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 21, 07 | 7:34 pm |
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Sat Jan 20, 2007

Hot Dogs and Cunnilingus Anyone?

When I build a free site, I love to write stories around the pictures. I've always wanted to be a writer, so most of my free sites have some story line, and then others have quite evolved stories. (I even have a site that has a collection of my stories My Illustrated Erotic Stories.)

Today I wrote a fun story to go with a picture set I had called Hot Dog and Cunnilingus as John cooks up some hot dogs and french fries for Cindy and him and she ends up putting his dog on a bun and eating it with catsup. :) They then get into a hot and heavy cunnilingus session with some very unusual positions.

Check out the site, some great free pics of cunnilingus, hot dogs, and a hunky guy what more could a woman want on a Saturday afternoon?

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 20, 07 | 3:36 pm |
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A Hunk from PlayGirl

Here is one of the hunks from inside PlayGirl's Site

He invites you to come and play outdoors with him! Yum! See all the rest of the hotties by visiting PlayGirl's Site

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 20, 07 | 1:04 pm |
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Fri Jan 19, 2007

Playgirltv, a review of the site

Today I got to take a peek in the membership of a site I recently found on the net, PlaygirlTV and WOW was I not dissapointed! This is the online site for the magazine playgirl, and like the magazine is full of sexy hunks.

First thing I noticed is, they have the entire magazine scanned in and you can flip through the pages, clicking on thumbnails to enlarge any pages you'd like to read...or just drool over more. That is a really nice feature, since this is a great magazine.

They also have a section of feature articles that are informative, tittalating, and get you thinking. I loved the Penis Profiles...defining men by their type of penises. You really need to go and read that article, and see where YOUR lover fits in.

The PGTV Hunks section features a delicious variety of really buffed hunk pics. The only negative I could find in the site was when you go to vew their pictures, there isn't a collection of thumbnails that you can pick and choose which pic you want to look at, but rather just back and next buttons that take you through the entire set. Given how well each of the photos are shot though, this isn't a big negative, because you are probably going to want to go through each and every pic. The sets are also not large, and no pics are a "junk shot" like you'd see on some sites.

The BEST thing about the site I feel though are the movies. The ones I viewed were VERY high quality (I downloaded the high speed version). Unlike movies you would find in a site geared towards men, these are shot with the WOMAN's pleasure in mind. Their Second Honeymoon, staring Mario Rossi and Shayla is one of the most passionate movies I've seen in a long time where he romances his wife in a second honeymoon. And there are lots and lots of movies like this...some very tender and passionate. Others wild and hot. Plus solo movies of some REALLY hot guys that will make you squirm.

Under the extra's section, they have GREAT erotic stories which I personally love, and pictorials where their pictures tell erotic stories without words...

All in all, I feel this is a WONDERFUL site for women with a LOT of exclusive, original content that will keep your fingers flying for months and months. Click NOW and Check Out PlaygirlTV!

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 19, 07 | 11:34 am |
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Still waiting for results...

My Doctor is away on a family emergency, and although I really feel for her...I want to find out what my results were, dammit. It looks like the earliest I can find out will be Monday, so keeping my fingers and toes crossed this weekend while waiting.

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 19, 07 | 9:42 am |
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Fri Jan 12, 2007

I'm Back From Vegas

Had to take a trip over to Las Vegas. Normally I go there for fun, and to shop but this past trip was a bit nerve wracking, as I had to go in for a breast biopsy.

The good news is, it went smoothly, and the Dr. felt pretty confident that the results would come back benign. The bad news is, I have to wait until next week to find out the results.

I was amazed at the number of people I ran into this trip that inspired me, humbled me, and left me feeling that everything was going to work out ok.

Take our taxi driver we took over to the clinic. She was a single mother of 7 children. Her husband died in Iraq. She was an ovarian cancer survivor. She had no health insurance, and was diagnosed with this disease 3 years ago. She found out there was a doctor in Japan who treated ovarian cancer with lasers, and she wrote him every day by email for a month.

He not only treated her....he treated her for FREE. And she is still here 3 years later, driving a cab 7 days a week to keep her family fed. When we got to the clinic, she turned around and proudly admitted her oldest son was in college studying to be a doctor.

Now how can you not feel uplifted by a story like that? I can't imagine 7 kids, and I definitely can't imagine 7 kids, no husband, working full time, fighting cancer, and doing it all with a lot of grace and a smile. It is people like that that inspire the rest of us.

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 12, 07 | 8:16 pm |
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Tue Jan 09, 2007

Pornography has its benefits

I really found this this article interesting about Pornography has its benefits. In a nutshell they found that:
The incidence of rape in the United States has declined 85 per cent in the past 25 years while access to pornography has become freely available to teenagers and adults. The Nixon and Reagan Commissions tried to show that exposure to pornographic materials produced social violence. The reverse may be true: that pornography has reduced social violence.

This doesn't surprise me at all, and I believe pornography and erotica provide release for people that used to think that they were the "only ones" that had a particular fetish. With widespread connection to the internet, people are finding that they are not only alone, but they can find others who share their fetish and either discuss it, hook up, or live it out with another via webcam, icq, etc.

Take my site Sexy Wet Men. When I first shared with my hubby about this fetish, I know he just didn't get it. Although, he was definitely willing to "act it out" for me. ;) But I'm sure there are a lot of other women out there (and Gay men too) that enjoy looking at men wet and slippery with soap.

What really annoys me though is you are not going to hear about this study in mainstream media. They are too busy trying to say that it is bad for you, and is degrading society, etc. etc.

I think we should all be allowed the freedom to express ourselves through erotic art and pornography. Just my 2 cents.

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 09, 07 | 8:35 pm |
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Finished my Illustrated Erotic Stories Site

It is 12:03 am, and I'm bleary eyed from working on my computer all day on my latest site, My Illustrated Erotic Stories. It has all original stories written by me, illustrated with hardcore pictures. The stories are some of my favorite fantasies, (which I will be adding more in the future). The site also has a ton of bonus content including some hot movies of guys playing with themselves, and couples getting naked and nasty.

Make sure you check it out, I know you will LOVE it. :)

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 09, 07 | 12:03 am |
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Mon Jan 08, 2007

I Finished Sexy Wet Men!

I had a VERY productive weekend, I got two more fantasy sites finished. :) My second, Sexy Wet Men, is definitely a favorite of mine, full of delicious hunks getting naked, soapy and wet. Took me a little longer to build it, because I was so busy drooling over all the pictures, and had a hard time figuring out who I was going to feature on the tour. Did I mention I love my job? Make sure you check it out, if you are like me and love your beefcake wet and sexy, this is YOUR site. Sexy Wet Men... come on in the water is warm, and the men are HOT!

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 08, 07 | 7:58 pm |
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Sat Jan 06, 2007

The Gladiator's Request

I've been writing Illustrated Erotic Stories now for awhile, as evidenced by my site I recently finished that showcased my collection of stories.

But The Gladiator's Request is my first story that deals with historical themes, and has pictures with it that are true to those themes.

It explores the relationship of a Gladiator to his sponsor, this being the widow of a famous Roman. Since Celadus is a free man volunteer (as opposed to the slaves that were conscripted to fight) he has rank and status. He has won every match he ever fought in the arena...but he has yet to win the most important match...paring with his lifebond.

This story is his request to court and seduce the lady of his dreams, and you will just have to go read the story to find out how it ends. ;) Click here for The Gladiator's Request Illustrated Erotic Story

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 06, 07 | 10:11 am |
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Fri Jan 05, 2007

Brand New Site - Sexy Muscle Men

Mmmmm I love my job! I have a brand new site called Sexy Muscle Men full of muscular hunks getting naked and showing off their hard bodies and really hard cocks. Here are a few sample pics from the site, I'm sure you will agree these guys are HOTTIES!


Don't they just make you hot and bothered? Visit today and see all my Sexy Muscle Men!

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 05, 07 | 5:30 pm |
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The Feminist Porn Awards

In June of last year, Canada hosted the first ever The Feminist Porn Awards, honoring female erotic directors revolutionizing porn. On the website Good For Her, they give the reasons for the awards as:
"Women and couples deserve good porn so Good For Her decided to establish these awards to recognize the filmmakers who are creating woman-positive porn that represents sex as fun and good for women too."

I am ALL for that! I'm so sick of the proliferation of websites that seem to degrade women, to see how far they can "push the envelope" in extreme porn. I'm glad that institutions are recognizing that women (and couples) want to watch good hardcore porn without all the bs.

Candida Royalle was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her pioneering work in women's erotica. Candida Royalle has produced such movies as Rites of Passion, Sensual Escape, Urban Heat, Stud Hunters, (one of my favorites) My Surrender and more.

Winning the award they had to show women were receiving their fair share of the pleasure in the movie. Not just there to satisfy their male co-stars. Women also had to be substantially involved in the production of the film either as cinematographers, producers, or directors. Finally, they had to expand the range of sexual expression for women. No more 70's porn movies where the woman says oh yes, oh yes, over and over like a broken record.

If you would like to read more about the awards, visit Good For Her an online store full of movies and toys for women to celebrate their sexuality.

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 05, 07 | 10:40 am |
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Thu Jan 04, 2007

Came Across an Interesting Site Today

My Sex Secrets which promises to teach you how to have the greatest sex of your life, and fuck like a pornstar.

This site is run by Erica who filmed with her partner over 50 sex position videos so that you can learn positions you never even thought of to spice up your sex life. The part I liked was this:

Women - How to achieve simultaneous orgasm during intercourse.

It almost seems that if something has to do with female pleasure, particularly sexual pleasure, it just hasn't been deemed important. Why? Prudery about women's sexuality? Who knows!

Lack of interest in women's sexuality? Shameful! Whatever the explanation, this new discovery is a big step forward in understanding the clitoris and its nerve structures.

Why this matters - Clitoral vs. vaginal orgasms!

There are many women who defend the existence of two sorts of orgasms, though some sex "experts" (usually men, I've noticed), deny absolutely there is any difference.

And if these two sorts of orgasms are actually the same, how is it only a minority of women achieve vaginal orgasm through vaginal intercourse while most need their clitoris stimulating directly to get there? Would most women be able to reach orgasm through intercourse if only their partner could go on thrusting for longer?

All orgasms are not the same! Clitoral Vs Vaginal.

When you read about massive, prolonged orgasm for a woman, it's the G-spot that's doing it. A G spot orgasm is a wave of bliss, of spiritual energy, of electricity, passing through every cell of a woman's being.

There are no clear peaks and orgasmic contractions as there are with a clitoral orgasm. Instead there is a wave of bliss which moves upwards from one high point to another, and which can go on for as long as you care to keep up the stimulation.

Oh yes that is for me! I signed up and my hubby and I have been going over the movies today on our day off and experimenting. This site is WELL WORTH Any woman going and checking out. (or men too, if you'd like to learn how to have orgasms that last up to 30 minutes).

So Click Here to visit My Sex Secrets

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Wed Jan 03, 2007

71 year old Naomi Wilzig Honored for World Erotic Art Museum

One of the world's most unique art collectors, 71 year old Naomi Wilzig will be presented with the Key to the City of Miami Beach to mark the one year anniversary of her World Erotic Art Museum ( The tribute, in recognition of her help in "enhancing the cultural stature of Miami Beach," will be presented to her by Tourism Director, Michael Aller, on Wednesday, October 18th.
MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Oct. 12 PRNewswire

Way to go Naomi! I hope when I'm 71 years old, I'll still be interested in erotic art. She has written 5 books about her erotic art collection, and lectures on erotic art to college students.

I tried to pull up her website at but it doesn't appear to be working. Given the article, her server might be getting swamped with requests. You might want to try the url in a few days. I can't wait to see what she has, wish I was travelling to FL in the near future, I'd visit it.

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 03, 07 | 8:54 pm |
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Tue Jan 02, 2007

I went shopping for gorgeous wet men

God I love my job. ;) I went looking for pictures to buy for the site I plan on building featuring slippery soapy and wet men. Makes me shudder just thinking about it. Nothing like spending HOURS looking at pics of men and picking out only the hottest ones to put on my site.

Here are two of my FAVORITE pics. I wish I could find more of men wet in clothes. This guy really made me hot and bothered.

Don't you just want to lick the water off that body, and peek in those jocky shorts to see what he has under there? Mmmmmm

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 02, 07 | 4:39 pm |
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Mon Jan 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year is a happy and healthy one for you, and all your dreams come true in 2007. May the best day of last year be the worst day of this year. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 01, 07 | 5:26 pm |
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Welcome to Got Porn For Women

I'm typing this while my little Abyssinian cat BuBastis is sprawled out on my desk, drooling on my keyword and occassionally trying to hook my hand for more pettings. She reminds me of me when I look at some of the hot hunk pictures I have...drooling and begging for petting. ;)

This is my first entry in my Got Porn For Women blog. I have been building adult websites since 1999, and building sites specifically for women since 2005. Why the difference? Because truth to tell, I thought I was somewhat unique and that there weren't a lot of women out there cruizin the net, looking for erotic pics and down and dirty porn. Boy was I was wrong. I saw a post from a fellow webmistress, Grandma Scrotum, about a site she ran called For The Girls and I was hooked, I knew I wanted to start creating more websites specifically geared towards women.

Soooo for the past year I've been building freesites for ladies. I also run a link list that just has erotica for women Hot Porn For Women. My delicious hubby and partner in crime? MadHatter runs 3 other link lists that have categories for women, but also have categories for more traditional male porn.

I realized that I didn't really have a site that I could put it "all together" on. So Got Porn For Women was born. It will have links to the sites for women I have built. Links to sexy stories, and erotica built by others. My Blog that will give you insight into the world of a webmistress in the online adult entertainment industry. Plus interesting or funny things I run across in my wanderings. Hope you like the site, bookmark, and come back often.


Posted by: Vicky on Jan 01, 07 | 4:13 pm |
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