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Wed Mar 28, 2007

Still Windy and cold but got a free site done ;)

Well today still makes me want to go to bed until it is warm out, but I managed to get some work done and get a new free site done. This one is for my fantasy site, Fantasy Worlds For Women

This free site explores the world of Nora, a nurse who has always had a fantasy of having sex in one of the examining rooms of the doctor she works for. When the doctor goes out of town on vacation, she has the opportunity to get her wish and act out her fantasy!

Take a look at the free pics at Naughty Nurse Nora and when you are done, visit Fantasy Worlds For Women and live out ALL your naughty little fantasies!

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 28, 07 | 1:08 pm |
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Tue Mar 27, 2007

Windy Cold Day

Wow, what happened to our 80 degree weather of last week? My husband and I have been working alot in the yard, doing our spring planting, so I've been away from the computer. Then today it is down in the 50s and snowing like mad all around us down into the foothills. The wind is gusting so bad, it blew a small trailer we pull behind our garden tractor about 10'.

I hate overcast, windy days. Make me want to crawl into bed and pull the coveres over my head and sleep until it is bright and sunny again. Hopefully, tomorrow is better.

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 27, 07 | 1:04 pm |
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Tue Mar 20, 2007

Nothing like pulling up behind a tiger at an intersection

Went into Las Vegas today to run some errands, and when we pulled up to a stoplight behind a truck hauling a trailer, my hubby and I realized the trailer held two white tigers. We actually had our small camera, and he took 3 shots before the light turned green.

Now that is something you don't see every day! We both were really hoping that the locks on the cage were real secure.

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 20, 07 | 12:50 pm |
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Mon Mar 19, 2007

Hunky Flynn gets wet and sexy

Built a site today featuring a hottie named Flynn called Flynns All Wet which features Flynn doing a VERY sexy strip tease in a shower, then soaping up his hard body and harder cock. YUMM. Check it out!

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 19, 07 | 5:25 pm |
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Sun Mar 18, 2007

Hardcore Porn Interrupts Local TV

OMG, someone was asleep at the wheel for this one!
A cable news program in Arizona was temporarily replaced with hard-core pornography, shocking viewers who had been watching a health show featuring former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw. The incident Monday night on KPPX-TV was "an act of human sabotage" at the Phoenix-area station, said ION Television, which operates the station.
Full article here

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 18, 07 | 2:20 pm |
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Sat Mar 17, 2007

I'm finally feeling better, hurrah!

I've had the cold from hell all week where I felt like I had to blow my nose every 3 minutes. God I hate being sick. This is twice in a few months where I've been really knocked down by an illness.

Today is the first day I've felt human since the 9th of this month. Sorry for the delay in posts, but I just was too sick to look at porn. What a pity.

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 17, 07 | 2:22 pm |
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Are you wearing green today? Going to get a pinching if you are not, lol. My heritage is mixed, but one thing I do have is Irish. I also resemble my Irish heritage more than some of my other parts (like native american) in that I have red hair, fair skin, and freckles. My dad used to say I don't tan, my freckles just get closer together.

Didn't do anything really special to celebrate, but it has been a great day. I hope everyone else is having a good one too!

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 17, 07 | 12:47 pm |
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Mon Mar 05, 2007

New Free Site Love Sonnets

Did a new free site today called Love Sonnets. It is set in Elizabethian period and is the story of Isaac who has been courting Dorothea for months. Sending flowers. Walking with her while she is chaperoned. Most recently, he has started reading love sonnets aloud to her. Although all this romance is fine, Dorothea wants him to make love to her and stop just reading about it. When she finally sneaks away from her chaperones to meet him at his house, he again reads love sonnets to her with passion.

Dorothea decides enough with talking...she wants to be made love to!

This site features pics from my hot fantasy site, Fantasy Worlds For Women. Check it out!

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 05, 07 | 2:25 pm |
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Sun Mar 04, 2007

Found another good free story...Hawaiian Valentine

Having lived in Hawaii 18 years, I could relate to this story called Hawaiian Valentine. I too have strolled along the beach at Sunset, all alone with my honey....but I admit I never got to get naked and make love in the surf like these two did. Now that would have been REALLY fun.

I actually lived about a mile one time from a nude beach, so I could have done that no problem, but I'd of been a bit self conscious, lol. Hawaiian Valentine. It is a great story with some hot pics I'm sure you will love. Aloha Nui Loa.

Go check out

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 04, 07 | 8:03 am |
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Sat Mar 03, 2007

Forgot the red moon, anyone see it?

I was so busy in the slot tournament, I forgot all about watching for the lunar eclipse. By the time I got out of the casino, it looked plain old white. Hopefully, some of you got to see it!

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 03, 07 | 11:00 pm |
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Played a free slot tournament and won!

The local casino has free slot tournaments for its members, and I actually played today. They had 800+ people play the qualifying round, and I had one of the higest scores, so I made the top 100. Unfortunately, the don't let you keep your old score, you start anew.

So in the finals, I got a lot lower score, so I figured no way I'd win money. But I started walking around the machines after every round, and would only see 2 or 3 people with higher scores, so I started to have hope.

Finally they announced the winners, and I took 14th place. I won $50 in free slot play, not bad! I've played a few free tournaments at a different casino, and have never qualified for the final round, so I was pretty darn happy.

St. Patrick's day, I plan on entering again. That tournament has $3,500 in cash, and $1,000 in slot play being given away, and the top 40 in in the finals round of 100 win something. This tournament, only the top 25 won.

I love living where you can gamble. My husband and I had dinner, I played a little slots a made a few bucks while waiting for the tournament, and won some free money. Can't beat that with a stick. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 03, 07 | 10:55 pm |
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Fri Mar 02, 2007

Another site featuring a hot delicious hunk

Jim asks, want to unwrap my package? Its hard, and round, and ready to explode....


Oh YESSS, I'd unwrap that any day! Jim is the latest hunk to be added to my site Sexy Muscle Men. Full of hardbodied STRAIGHT Men you could bounce a quarter off their tight abs and buns. ;) If you are into guys that are very muscular, check it out!

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 02, 07 | 5:19 pm |
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Are you going to watch the red moon tomorrow night?

Tomorrow night, there is a red moon a coming. This is caused by a total lunar eclipse. Unlike a solar eclipse, however, the sun is not completely blocked by the earth. There is a bit of reflected sunlight towards it by Earth's atmosphere. This light that is deflected is mostly in the red spectrum, so it makes the moon look like it has a red tint to it.

I for one plan on going out tomorrow and try to get a few pics of it. Nothing like a red moon to make you want to howl...

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 02, 07 | 2:24 pm |
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