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Wed Feb 28, 2007

Just added the Centerfold for March - Rod

As I reported in my blog, I had contractors here doing some work. Well I lucked out, on the last day, one of the guys was a total hottie that came to work, and was looking for some extra money. Sooo, I asked him if he wanted to be interviewed for my site Steamy Erotica For Her and model for me in exchange for some extra cash...and he agreed. :)

Inside Steamy Erotica For Her, you can see all the HOT pics of Rod, plus all our handsome hunks, couples erotica, illustrated stories, and xxx movies. Make sure you visit Rod is single and looking for the right woman!

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 28, 07 | 7:54 pm |
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Tue Feb 27, 2007

Tattoos and Piercings oh MY

My sister sent me an email with this woman's pictures, and I've got to admit, she looks a bit like Betty White from the neck up. But from the neck down, oh my GOD!

Click to Enlarge

And take a look at her piercings! Can you imagine having that many rings through your labia, holding all that weight, not to mention how much that had to have hurt having tattoos there!

Click to enlarge

I really wonder who this is, the rest of the pics it looks like she won an award at a tattoo show, but no indication on her name. I've seen girls in their 20's tattooed like this, but not a woman who looks to be in her 50s to 60s.

I do have to say, for her age, she has a really nice bod. :)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 27, 07 | 8:01 pm |
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My View as I try to work

Have any of you tried to work, and this is the kind of view you get?

This is my cat BuBastis, or Bu for short. She LOVES attention. If I don't pet her, she will reach down and hook my fingers off the keyboard and try to get them back up to her back for a petting. She is even trying to eat one of my paperclips right now, which she is finding out doesn't taste very good, lol.

I love my cats, I have two with two VERY different personalities. But sometimes, I just want to get done with my porn sites and instead I have cats that insist on being pampered.

*sigh* I guess this is what happens when you have a pussy that wants attention. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 27, 07 | 2:36 pm |
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What is it about wet men?

Maybe I'm weird, but pictures of wet men, or wet and soapy men really turn me on...a LOT. I was just posting up some pics from my sites and posted up this picture of Brendon from my site Sexy Wet Men and it really gets my juices flowing.

Just click to enlarge

. I just want to run my tongue on his body and follow that water right down to that delicious erection. Mmmmm

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 27, 07 | 12:14 pm |
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Mon Feb 26, 2007

Making Love by the Campfire

I'm on a roll finding erotic stories, this one is called By The Campfire and tells the story of a couple who go camping and find themselves alone and able to make love outdoors.

This is one of my favorite fantasies...there is something very erotic about being in a public place, next to a burning fire...with the fear of discovery providing an edge on your bliss. Go and read the story and enjoy the pics. I'm sure you will have your fingers dancing on your clit whilst you read. :)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 26, 07 | 1:33 pm |
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Sun Feb 25, 2007

Does Cream Turn you On?

I came across this story today called Cream. It is about one woman who is turrned on by whipped cream...especially the use of licking it off her. ;) It is a really nice story, check it out. The story is written by Karen who owns the site For The Girls and is REALLY good at writing erotic text. Their site has a bloody TON of erotica inside...I know because I've been a member of it for about a year. Plus lots of pics, monthly hunky centerfolds, couples pics, and movies. Go and check out the story, then check out the site too. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 25, 07 | 1:29 pm |
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Sat Feb 24, 2007

Love Sonnets My latest free site

Today I built the free site called Love Sonnets. It features one of my favorite things....fantasy costume sex. As I describe on the first page:


Isaac has been courting Dorothea for months. Sending flowers. Walking with her while she is chaperoned. Most recently, he has started reading love sonnets aloud to her. Although all this romance is fine, Dorothea wants him to make love to her and stop just reading about it. When she finally sneaks away from her chaperones to meet him at his house, he again reads love sonnets to her with passion.

Dorothea decides enough with talking...she wants to be made love to!

I started a story and told it briefly with the pictures, but it is a story I'm going to work up to a few thousand words and include it in my site Steamy Erotica For Her. Stay tuned for that! I'm trying to find more fantasy costume sex like this, because I know it has to turn on others like it does me. I'll keep you posted on any I find, and the sites I build with it.

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 24, 07 | 9:15 pm |
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Fri Feb 23, 2007

Darkly Erotic....I LOVED Phantom!

OMG! If you are in Vegas, and want to see a GREAT show, go see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. It was fantastic. We had some of the best seats in the house, so we could really see it well. And I have to admit, it turns me on. There is something about being seduced by, and under the power of, a man who is on the dark side.

My favorite part is when the Phantom takes Christine down into his lair and sings to her. Not only was the singing excellent, but the interaction between him and Christine during that song just makes me wet.

And then when he gives her the choice to save her lover Raoul by wedding him and she kisses him, after she finds out that he has been denied the pleasures of the flesh because of his looks, that again is powerful. The acting on his part of wanting desperately for her to kiss him, yet knowing what he is doing isn't right....mmmm. Maybe I'm kinky, but that really gets to me.

After the play (opera? musical?) my hubby and I went back to our room and needless to say, I attacked him for some mind blowing sex. I had my face buried in the mattress trying not to scream when I came, because I knew anyone walking by in the hall could hear. WOW was that good.

Anyone else attracted to the dark side like I am? I read all kinds of vampire romance novels that have heros that are sometimes much more dark than not. And I am lucky to have a hubby that is a bit of a bad boy (he has toned down in is old age as he likes to say) and is a constant turn-on too. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 23, 07 | 9:07 pm |
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Wed Feb 21, 2007

I can't wait for tomorrow...

I am going into Vegas tomorrow to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian theatre. I can't wait! I saw it twice when I lived in Hawaii, and loved it both times. This production is in a theatre that has been built specifically for it, and is supposed to have great special effects.

I'm having a very hard time getting anything done waiting to go.

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 21, 07 | 9:05 pm |
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Tue Feb 20, 2007

Work progresses on our porch

We hired contractors to build a cover for our back porch. It faces south and gets blasted by the sun in the summer. I REALLY wish my construction workers looked more like Cutter here
Now that would be a nice view out my office while they are putting up the porch. Instead I get nice guys that are not very hot to look at. *sigh* at least they do good work.

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 20, 07 | 8:54 pm |
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Mon Feb 19, 2007

1 800 Sex - You never know who is listening!

As a preview of one of the movies inside Steamy Erotica For Her, I built a free site called 1 800 sex that features vid caps from the movie of the same name. This is one of the movies I have inside my site. You can see the free site by clicking here. The vid caps give you a good idea of the size and quality of the movies inside my site. I love this movie...John calls a 1800 sex line while his wife is bathing, and the very bored chat operator gets his dick hard. When his wife comes back in the room and busts him, she seduces him by sucking his dick.

What they don't know is he never hung up the phone all the way, so the chat host listens in on their sex, and starts getting pretty horny. What follows is 3 gals get into a hot lesbian 3 way while John and his wife are screwing over the phone.

There is LOTS of great cunnilingus in the movie, hardcore sex, man this guy has STANIMA and is hung like a horse. Pluse the lesiban scene with the three girls is really good too.

You can see the entire movie inside my site
Steamy Erotica For Her, or check out the vid caps at 1 800 Sex to get an idea of how hot this juicy movie is.

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 19, 07 | 12:04 pm |
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Sun Feb 18, 2007

Sample Movie from Steamy Erotica For Her

I posted a link to this movie on the tour of Steamy Erotica For Her it is of Max dressed as a construction worker (well, he has a hard hat and boots on, not many construction workers I know working in tiny thong jock straps) and doing a very sexy dance and strip tease with a ladder.
see sexy guys stripping and wanking off

Oh My GOD this guy is hot! You can see the entire movie inside our site....I KNOW you are going to LOVE it!

Visit Steamy Erotica For Her Today!

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 18, 07 | 11:40 am |
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Brand new site for women - Steamy Erotica For Her!

While we have been battling flu, and getting ready for deck building, I've been working on a new site for women called Steamy Erotica For Her. This is a mega site featuring hardcore movies of couples, and solo movies of guys dancing and stripping off their clothes and wanking their willies. I also have a ton of pics of couples erotica, cunnilingus, and hunky solo men. Finally, I have some original erotic stories I've written illustrated with juicy pics.

The site is updated several times a week with more content, plus it is part of a large network of site so it has a huge amount of bonus porn.

With the exception of the hunky guy pics and movies, this site is also for men that like hardcore more on the romantic side. There are no cumshots, facials, spread butt cheeks (of guys), gay hardcore, or women being degraded inside this site. Only hot couples porn that will appeal to men and woman. So check out Steamy Erotica For Her I think you will like it. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 18, 07 | 11:39 am |
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Fri Feb 16, 2007

We are on the mend and starting a new project

Well feeling MUCH better. We hired a contractor today to build a patio cover for our back deck. Big project, the deck is 66' long and 8' wide, and will have a lattice cover. We also plan on putting shade cloth on it too. This will cover the entire backside of our house, which faces south and gets blasted by the desert sun in the summertime. My office goes up about 20 degrees despite the AC. I can't wait to get it built!

I'm working on a huge site that I should have done this weekend, and will post up links when it is finished. You are gonna LOVE it!

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 16, 07 | 11:37 am |
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Wed Feb 14, 2007

Been fighting the flu

My hubby and I have been fighting the flu, so I haven't gotten much done lately. I hate being sick, and I hate a sick man even worse...he is such a baby. ;). When we get feeling better, I'll be back to posting more.

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 14, 07 | 11:36 am |
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Tue Feb 13, 2007

First Roman Orgy Erotic Story to Pics

This is the longest story I've written to date... 1785 words! It is about Julie who goes to her first Roman orgy with her friend Suzanna, and the marathon of pleasure that ensues with a roman soldier hunk named Brad. You can read the story and see the delicious pics
by clicking here Enjoy!

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 13, 07 | 5:34 pm |
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Sun Feb 11, 2007

Seduced by a Count Fantasy Free Site

Today I finished up a free site I call Seduced by a Count where Lisa, a lowly barmaid, can't believe it when she catches the eye of the local Count who takes her back to his castle and seduces her, then asks her to marry him. Inside are 30 free pics and later, I'll be writing the detailed juicy story (not just the brief story that is in this site) for the pics and posting it.

Ahhhh wouldn't you just love to have lived back then and been made a countess? Oh wait. No indoor plumbing...not computer...TV....antibiotics. Maybe not, I'll just fantasize instead. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 11, 07 | 5:31 pm |
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Fri Feb 09, 2007

Got my Results Back...I have lumpy boobs

Never thought I'd be happy about having lumpy boobs. After a MONTH of waiting, I found out I have fiber cystic breasts, and the bioposy found no trace of cancer or pre-cancerous cells. Yippee!

When I was told I had fiber cystic, I went to and asked, what the hell is fiber cystic breasts? Found out that at one time or another 50% of women will have this. It is cysts in the breasts (I have a slew of them), sometimes scar tissue, and also involves the milk glands swelling with water before your period. Man, now I know why I'm so busty that week.

My mother, sister, and I all have this condition, so 100% of our household has suffered from this at one time or another. I couldn't find any causes for it. (some tried to link caffine, but that doesn't look like it has been proven) All I know is my cat loves to jump on my lap for petting and does her "happy paws" routine and seems to be able to find every one of those cysts and stomp on them...repeatdly.

Despite that torture, I'm glad I have lumpy boobs (as my Dr. calls it, go figure) and not cancer. The fear of that was in the back of my mind all this time and it is a BIG relief to find out I'm ok.

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 09, 07 | 5:51 pm |
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Buffed Boy Mike

Built a free site yesterday that featured Mike who to me looks a bit like a rather famous tennis player that just retired. ;) He is one of the muscle men I have on my site Sexy Muscle Men site. Doesn't Mike have a perfect body?


You can see 30 free pics of Mike in my latestest free site, Buffed Hunk Mike. Or, you can skip right to Sexy Muscle Men and see ALL the hot hunks...your choice!

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 09, 07 | 7:52 am |
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New Cowboy Boots

An elderly couple, Ray and Bessie, are "Snowbirds" in Arizona.
Ray has always wanted a pair of authentic cowboy boots. Seeing some
on sale at WalMart, he buys them and wears them home, walking proudly.

He saunters into the house and says to his wife,
"Notice anything Different about me?"

Bessie looks him over and says, "Nope."

Frustrated, Ray storms off into the bathroom, undresses, and walks
back into the room, completely naked except for the boots.

Again he asks, a little louder this time,
"Notice anything DIFFERENT NOW?"

Bessie looks up and says,
"Ray, what's different? It's hanging down today, it was hanging down
yesterday, it'll be hanging down again tomorrow."

Furious, Ray yells,

To which Bessie replies,
"Shoulda bought a hat, Ray. Shoulda bought a hat."

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 09, 07 | 7:49 am |
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Thu Feb 08, 2007

Been sick with the flu

Haven't posted much, my hubby and I have had the flu...he worse then I. I think though we are near the tail end of it, then I'll have more to post. :)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 08, 07 | 7:50 am |
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Tue Feb 06, 2007

Keep in shape the sexy way

It seems like other countries have the best news. Today's article that caught my attention was posted in the UK's People magazine that says if you are bored with the gym for workouts, get in shape doing exercises like striptease, belly dancing, burlesque, or pole dancing. I can just see my husband's reaction with I state, "don't mind me, I'm just installing this pole in the living room to get some exercise."

Actually, I can see where any of those would work. One of my FAVORITE shows I've seen in Las Vegas is the show Crazy Girls. I'm not into women, but WOW is that erotic. There is one act where a woman comes out in a trench coat and like an old style german uniform cap, and REALLY works a pole to Madonna's tune, "Human Nature." I'd LOVE to be able to do that, she ended up climbing that pole and hanging upsided down with just her inner thigh muscles. Oh yea, you'd be in killer shape to do that.

Belly dancing too would be great. So is Hula. I lived in Hawaii 18 years, and since most hula is done in a partial squat position, you get rock hard thighs, plus it tones up your waist good. Should have kept that up.

So if you are getting bored with your workout and its only Febuary in the new year, then try getting sexy...who knows? You might lose weight...AND get your lover away from the TV long enough for some hot sex afterwards. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 06, 07 | 8:12 pm |
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Mon Feb 05, 2007

Wouldn't YOU like to be the woman in the mask?

One of the great things about promoting Playgirl's website,
is they send me new hunk pictures from the site every month. ;) One of the pics they sent me I found REALLY erotic, and it is this one.
Erotic Couple
Not only is the man absolutely delicious, with a cock that looks just the right size for a very nice ride, I found the masked woman holding him from behind erotic too. I could write an entire erotic story to go with this one picture,
involving a woman going to a club where she got to pick any man she wanted to spend time with...and wear a mask to keep her anonymity. Mmmmm that has got my juices flowing.

If you want to see a LOT more erotic pics like this, plus great movies, and the most beautiful hunks on the planet, make sure you check out Playgirl's website. Delicious baby!

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 05, 07 | 8:00 pm |
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Do you like your bum with a bit of fluff?

I found an article in The australian news that covered a Australia's nude olympics that was judging men's bums. That conjures pictures. "Nicely tanned, good overall shape, very firm and nice fuzz," said judge Jhabel, explaining what she was looking for.

Her sister judge, Karen Prior, was looking for "a bit of colour and nice bum-fluff". Bum fluff? That to me sounds odd. I've seen pictures of light skinned men with BLACK THICK bum hair and that just grosses me the hell out. I guess if they were tanned with blonde "bum-fluff" that would be a different story.

I personally like smooth men. Kinda like in the picture posted above this one. My husband is 1/2 native american, and has almost no body hair...and I love that. I can lick him ALL over and not get hair in my mouth. ;)

I wish the picture was able to print the winner's bum. I'd love to be able to judge for myself if I'd of given him first prize. *sigh*

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 05, 07 | 8:05 am |
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Sat Feb 03, 2007

Trimming the bushes...not THOSE bushes

I love this time of year. The weather not like living on the sun like it is in the summer, and this week it is warm for the 60s. So I'm working on getting my garden ready for spring.

I trimmed back all my rose bushes, I have to transplant them which is going to be the job from hell. I planted them in the shade of my porch, not realizing the love full sun. *sigh* I also weeded out my front flower beds, getting them ready. I love working with the earth...nothing finer.
Didn't get any sites done today, but my yard looks a whole lot better.

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 03, 07 | 4:31 pm |
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This woman loves to watch porn

After my discussion with my sister on watching porn, I loved seeing this article on PR Inside about British pop star Lily Allen who admits she loves to watch porn on TV. She has this to say about it:
"I watch porn on TV whereever in the world I travel to, because the language of love is universal. But I admit, I'm not a fan of the "sick and twisted" Japanese Blue movies."
She also reveals, "When I travel around the world there often isn't anything to watch on TV, especially when they don't speak English. But watching porn is fine as it doesn't need words. It's sort of universal.

It is so refreshing to see someone famous, AND a woman, admit that she loves to watch porn. I'm not the only one! ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 03, 07 | 8:28 am |
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