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Getting Naughty With Nature

December 18th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Ayla and Benji get naughty with nature in this fabulous photoset. The scenery may look a bit fake, but the is real, and by the looks of it, this horny are having some seriously sexy fun.

See the full set at

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Stephan Lathers Up

December 17th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Dark eyed, hairy chested and nicely toned, European hottie Stephan steps out of his Calvin Klein’s and in to the shower, and lathers up for this sexy photoshoot.

To see more of Stephans steamy shower shoot, check him out at

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Kitchen kisssing, licking and loving

December 17th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Vince and Sherry are hanging out in the kitchen, when Vince starts rubbing up against Sherry and tried to get her “in the mood”.  What follows is a hot kissing, licking, and loving on the kitchen countertop.  Check out the pics here.

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Its all about foreplay

December 16th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Sometimes, the best part of sex is the foreplay. Kissing, touching. Rubbing and licking. And in a lot of porn sites for , there is very little time spent on foreplay, or afterglow for that matter.

Like this couple. You can tell they aren’t just acting for the camera, but making love to each other and enjoying touching, kissing, and licking each other. Even during sex they kiss and touch.  Porn doesn’t have to be degrading, and it doesn’t have to be all about the guy getting his dick into some hole.  It can also be romantic, touching, and all about giving and receiving pleasure.  So check out the pics, as much as I like hardcore, I also like the side of porn too. ;)

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The snow missed us

December 16th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Looks like Vegas got some dumped on it, but at least nothing on my front yard. But the mountains all around our valley are another story. They are beautiful and snow covered. Unfortunately, we’ve only had peeks at them through the clouds, but once the clouds lift, I plan on taking some pictures.

In the meantime, I’m glad I’m indoors and toasty warm.

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Boy can this man lick!

December 15th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Posted up a gallery today of this lucky asian gal getting her pussy licked really well.  He might be going a little bald on top, but he sure knows his way around a clit! :)  Click here for the movies.

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Winter storm warnings tonight

December 14th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Wow, I can’t believe that for the first time since I moved to Nevada 10 years ago, we have winter storm warnings.  They are talking up to 4″ accumulation tomorrow possible, down to the 2,000 foot level.  My town is at almost 2700 feet.

Me, I’m not too worried about driving in snow.  I grew up in Michigan, and this is nothing compared to what I’m used to.  Its the rest of the Nevadians that have never driven in snow that makes me glad I work out of my house and can stay home tomorrow.

Should we wake up to winter wonderland tomorrow, I’ll post up some pics. :)  Stay warm and dry everyone.

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Naughty Nurse Nora Boinks A Patient

December 14th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

Posted up a gallery today of this naughty nurse boinking her patient in a hospital room.  I don’t blame her, he’s pretty hot. ;)  Check out the galleries by clicking here.

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Chicks With Swords

December 13th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

One of my all time favorite commercials is’s chicks with and one man’s muscial about instant getification.

When I posted up this gallery today, the picture at the beginning of it had me signing that crazy song “I got what I was looking for” from the commercial. Ok, I admit it. Chicks (and, well guys too) with in armour are hot. There is just something about fantasy costumes and that rocks my world.

So If you are looking for chicks with (and men with and witches, worlocks, evil trolls and elves) then check out Whore Lore and get instant getification too. ;)

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Bonan the Barbarian

December 12th, 2008by Vicky · No Comments

I stumbled across a new site that I really like called Whore Lore. I built a gallery for it today, that you can see by clicking here featuring Bonan the Barbarian.

I know the guy that started this site, and he was inspired by RPGs and how many people that did games who wanted to take it to the next level and make them xxx. I know when I played Fable, I had to play the game as a man, (you couldn’t choose to play as a woman) and in order to “marry” a man, I had a gay relationship. And sex? it was just noises behind a black screen.

Yea, I know that kids could play the game, but I would have liked it a bit more realistic. (athough I know Fable II, which I haven’t gotten yet because it isn’t out on PC, you get to choose between playing as a man or woman, yipee).

I also read a hell of a lot of books. For instance, right now I’m reading a book series by Kim Harrison that is full of vampires, witches, and demons. And the books have some GREAT sex scenes in it. They make my toes tingle. ;)

So Whore Lore REALLY appeals to me. It is sword and sorcery, barbarians, and really hot sex all rolled up into one. I love the picture below, it is even reminiscent of Boris Vallejo’s book covers for books.

Ok, it does have some cumshots, and some stuff you wouldn’t typically find in a site for women, but the aspect of it outweighs this. Check Whore Lore out, I bet you love it as much as I did.

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