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Entries from July 2009

Sun Stroke

July 30th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

OK, OK! So it’s a bad pun. But the delectable David does seem to be particularly bothered by the sun as he squints his way to orgasm!

Watch David as he strokes his cock in the blistering sun at

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Pool table, not just for hitting balls but also for sex

July 28th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

James and Darnia’s pool game takes a sensual turn when they decide to have romantic sex on the pool table.  That adds a whole new meaning to playing with your balls, and stroking your stick. :)


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Are more women into porn? It sure looks like it.

July 27th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Just saw an article on CNN, from Violet Blue who writes in that the numbers are up.  The last time I’d seen stats, about 25% of women looked at internet porn.  According to the first three months of 2007 Nielsen/NetRaitings about 1 in 3 visitors to adult web site s was female, and that about 13 million American woman check out porn at least once a month.  You are not alone if you are a woman and enjoy porn. :)

What surprised me though was Theresa Flynt, VP of marketing for Hustler video said that women are 56% of the business at her company’s video stores, and the female audience is increasing.  That is great news, it is wonderful to see that the stigma regarding women watching porn is diminishing.

The article is long, but very good, and well worth reading.  Check it out here.

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Sweet Sixty Nine

July 26th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

I’ve got sweet sixty-nine going through my head to the tune of sweet child of mine. :)  One thing I regret about being short is sixty-nine is almost impossible to do with my husband…I’m just not long enough.  But that isn’t a problem for Cameron and Stan as you can see in these pics as they indulge in some sweet sixty nine. :)My site Give Me Cunnilingus is not only full of guys who love to go down, but gals who also love some sixty-nine thrown in with the cunnilingus.  Like Cameron does. ;)


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Sensual and Sexy

July 26th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

This very sensual photo set features the gorgeous Laura and and her hunky partner Nick indulging in some very sexy foreplay, with lots of pussy licking and touching…

For the Girls has thousand of sensual and sexy images and movies for women

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This boss knows how to give a fringe benefit

July 25th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Would it be considered a fringe benefit if your boss licked you to orgasm one Friday afternoon?  I’d surly take it as one!  He looks like he knows his way around a clit as his tonge licks her labia and clit in this series of cunnilingus pictures I posted up today.  They are just a small sample of what you will find at Cunnilingus Erotica.  Mmmmm.

I remember one time working and having a co-worker going down on me in a hidden storeroom.  We were both really excited, as neither of us knew if someone would walk in on us.  I remember my orgasm roaring through me as I stuffed my hand in my mouth to keep from screaming aloud.  After that, I sucked him off and he came really fast, so excited from our “quickie”.  I’ve never had a boss go down like this though…although I’ve had a few that I wouldn’t have said no if they had wanted to.


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Ebony Bliss

July 23rd, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

What a fine specimen of wonderfully toned ebony flesh! Don’s body is buffed and beautiful and if the smug look on his face is any indication, he loves to show it off…  At For the Girls, they have all kinds of buffed stud. Ebony and other shades of skin tone to arouse and excite every women’s tastes.

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Couple screw outdoors a remote cave

July 22nd, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Posted up a gallery of fantasy pics of a horny couple getting down and dirty in front of a cave.  Makes me think of Clan of the Cave Bear when I see these pictures.  Ever had fantasies about living in the wild, no money, no worries and screwing like bunnies?  Well that is just one of the fantasies I explore at Fantasy Worlds For Women.  Free yourself and live all your deepest desires at Fantasy Worlds For Women.


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A little wine and a lot of licking

July 20th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

This couple toast their wedding anniversary in front of an unlit fire place. Ahhh how romantic.  But soon, they are down to some hot and heavy pussy licking which changes into some sweet sixty nine.  Now that is the way I want to celebrate my anniversary with my hubby every year!


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Bubbles And Bonking

July 20th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

There’s something about a bubble bath that just says filthy hardcore porn star sex, don’t you think? Sure, there’s all those romantic overtones, but when it comes down to it you can’t ignore the feelings aroused by all those sensual slick bubbles and you just have to fuck like there’s no tomorrow. Like our sexy couple here. They manage to get up to all kinds of fabulous carnal hijinks while still keeping the water warm.

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