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Entries from April 2010

Pilot and Stewardess sneak away for sex

April 27th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

When Brad calls Anna into an empty office to talk to her, she is excited.  She has had the hots for this hunky pilot for awhile.  First he opens his briefcase and shows her his vibrator, getting her wet and ready for him.  Then he goes down on her, then finally gives her some stiff pilot cock.  What a way to fly! Check out the free pictures by clicking here.

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Hot Guy, Too Cool

April 27th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Delectable David here brings an air of distinct coolness to this site. Look at that trendy mohawk haircut, tiny goatee and massive tattoo. Everything about this man is almost too fashionable for words. Which means it’s quite the relief when he dispenses with his clothes and gets down to the bare basics.

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Three Cheers For The Missionary Position

April 26th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

As porn gets weirder and kinkier, the assumption has been growing that plain old vanilla sex is too boring to contemplate. And the missionary position is also on the receiving end of criticism as being tiresome and unexciting.

As you can see, Kat and Adrian here don’t agree, and doesn’t either. Missionary position can be hot hot hot! When there’s passion and lust and intimacy and desire between lovers ANY position is good. When both partners are getting off, any kind of sex is good. Kinky is fun too of course, but there’s no reason to scorn straight vanilla sex. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of romance, girls… and then you can get the whip out tomorrow night.

Check out all of Kat and Adrian’s intimate and loving pics at .

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Amateur couple have some hot sex in bed

April 23rd, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

That sounds really good right now. :)Just did a gallery of this amateur couple in their PJ’s getting ready for bed, and undress and have passionate sex instead.  I love the angles on some of the pics too, where she is sucking his cock.  They really kiss a lot in these pics, and you can tell they are getting into it.  Yum.  I need to go attack my husband and get some hot sex too. ;)

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Marilee lives our her fantasies with Grant

April 23rd, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Marilee spies a man she has had the hots for for months taking a shower in an outdoors bat tub. When he catches her watching, he invites her in for a sexy shower, cunnilingus, and sex! Guess the feeling was mutual.

This set of pics always makes me think of a beach I used to camp on in Hawaii.  I can’t remember the name.  But I do remember in the one area we camped, it had an outdoor shower that just had some flimsy wood around it, that you could see through the edges at who ever was showering inside.  Would have been much better if it was just a tub and shower like this scene. ;)  Check out the free gallery by clicking here.

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Sexy Simon From Security

April 20th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

You can’t see it in this photo – since he’s completely, delightfully naked – but Simon here has just stripped out of a security guard’s costume. Now girls this is something I think we all want to see more of. Never mind all the beefy posturing and butch aura of authority… just get the togs off and let us see exactly what kind of baton you’re wielding.

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Skinny couple get passionate in the kitchen

April 19th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

I’ve seen a lot of pictures with women that are on the thin side, but this man in these pictures is on the thin side also, but pretty defined.  That doesn’t seem to hamper their enjoyment though as they get down to some passionate sex on the kitchen counter.  Check out the free passionate sex gallery by clicking here.

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Guitar Serenade Sex

April 19th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

This photo set has got so much to recommend it. For a start Brad is simply gorgeous and he starts off by playing the guitar, serenading the lovely Allison. And naturally she can’t resist. This couple makes love slowly on the couch with plenty of foreplay and tender kisses. There’s a real intimacy in these pics which is adorable.

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Getting A Good Licking

April 17th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Nothing quite like getting your pussy and clit well licked by a guy who knows what he is doing! Check out this free cunnilingus gallery by clicking here.

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Peeky Boo Penis

April 14th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Sexy male centerfold Bailey is very proud of himself, it seems, giving us a cheeky peek at the very tip of his lovely cock. Rest assured, the rest of it is quite delectable and he shows it all off in this wonderful set of photos.

“I appreciate beauty wherever I find it,” he says. “And laughter is so important to me.”

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