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Entries from December 2010

Nude Hawaiian Hunk

December 30th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Ikaika is a fierce Hawaiian warrior who first practices some sword fighting moves. Then he puts down his sword and dances wearing his Lava Lava which moves aside to show his thick cock. Finally, he removes it to stroke his erection. This green eyed Polynesian hunk is one sexy 3d guy just for the ladies.  Check out his free sample pictures at Nude Hawaiian Hunk.

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December 30th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Like beefcake? We do like a guy who looks after his body and Dennis has spent a lot of time on his. Broad shoulders, rippling muscles and a cute butt makes for a very nice package.

To see more of Dennis, plus thousands more pics of the hottest guys on the planet

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Hunk Awaits You

December 29th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Fabian is looking like something off the cover of a romance novel as he lounges on blue and white striped sheets. First he covers his cock and just looks like the ultimate bad boy. Then he grips his shaft and invites you for a ride, making every part of you tingle with anticipation.  Check out his free pics at Hunk Awaits You.

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Lick Me, Please

December 27th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Mmmm, tongue on clit. Sebastienne knows how to make Nicoletta come, that’s for sure. He kisses her passionately, licks her nipples and her pussy before she climbs on top of him and rides him hard. This is one hot set of photos, folks.

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After The Holidays

December 26th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Ellen and Ned have just returned home after celebrating the holidays with Ellen’s parents. After spending the day eating, opening presents, and visiting, its time for a private celebration in bed. They celebrate the spirit of the holidays with lovemaking that sweeps them away in orgasmic delight.  See their free pics at After The Holidays.

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Sexy Solo Man Joe

December 26th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Joe has been in the Army now over 20 years. He is married to a friend of mine, and I asked him if I could take pictures of him for my website for women. He complied, and the pictures inside are a result. Now I see why my friend always has a smile on her face, when I got a look at the size of his cock! Long and thick and at attention and ready to serve.  Check out his free pics at Sexy Solo Man Joe.

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Kitchen Kapers

December 25th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

It’s getting extremely hot in the kitchen, and it has nothing to do with Paul’s cooking skills (or lack of them). Hunky Paul is quickly distracted from his dish washing duties when he is overcome by a sudden desire to take off his clothes and masturbate on the kitchen floor. The dishes remain unwashed, but who cares when we get to watch this hottie pleasure himself.

Check out Paul’s skills in the kitchen at Hot guys going solo!

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A Tale of Survival

December 22nd, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Fleeing her village because she has been branded Evil, Kaimi has been adrift at sea for three weeks. When she takes a nap and a sudden storm comes up, she finds herself washed overboard by a giant wave. Will she survive? Visit Kaimi’s free site with sample pics, A Tale of Survival.

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Rainy Day Lovemaking

December 22nd, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Ginger and Max are hanging out on a rainy afternoon. Usually at work, they both got the day off due to the weather. As they sit and talk, the looks start. Then they share some kisses. Pretty soon, they are having some sweet lovemaking on the couch which is the perfect way to spend a rain filled day.  Check out their free pics at Sweet Lovemaking.

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Oral Pleasure

December 21st, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Bobby is an expert with his tongue, and takes his time pleasuring Kelly with lots of lusty clit licking and sexy foreplay.

See Bobby and Kelly at Lusty foreplay, hot sex and luxurious afterglow!

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