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Entries from March 2009

His lips work their way up your neck…

March 3rd, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

I love having my neck kissed.  It sends shivers through my whole body as a man licks and nibbles on my neck.  So does Gwen in this pic as Even kisses her neck.  Check out the gallery of pics of this romantic hardcore porn gallery from my site Romantic Couples For Her!


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Loving in a Brass Bed

March 2nd, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

I always wanted a brass bed. One with curlicues, and bedknobbed within an inch of its life. I thought it would be fantastic too to be holding onto the top rail while my man fucks me doggy style hard enough to slam the headboard into the wall…but thats another story. ;)

Posted up a gallery today of this couple making love in a brass bed. Not as ornate as the one in my fantasies, but still pretty nice. Ahhh, I wonder if they did any headboard slamming when they filmed this? Makes me tingle thinking about it.


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Lick Me, Please

March 2nd, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Mmmm, tongue on clit. Sebastienne knows how to make Nicoletta come, that’s for sure. He kisses her passionately, licks her nipples and her pussy before she climbs on top of him and rides him hard. This is one hot set of photos, folks.

See all of them at .

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Naked Chef

March 2nd, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

With his rugged good looks, pumped up muscles and tattooed body, the last place we expected to see Bruno was in the kitchen. Mind you, it doesn’t look lik ehe was doing a lot of cooking, but there was certainly some heat generated by his presence.

To see what Bruno gets up to in the kitchen, check out Muscle hunks and hot hot centrefolds.

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