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Entries from August 2009

Ann gets a great licking

August 22nd, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Posted up a pussy licking gallery today of Ann getting licked by her hunky boyfriend Brad.  Then they make some passionate love that would have my toes curling.  Check out the pics by clicking here.


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A little nookie at the hospital

August 18th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

What is YOUR favorite Fantasy? In these pics Jill has always wanted to fuck a black man at work, so when she meets Tyrone he agrees to go along with her fantasy. Dressing as a naughty nurse, they fuck in an empty room after hours at the doctors office she works at. She can’t believe how big he is, and how many times he makes her orgasm with his big black meat and tongue!  Check out this interracial fantasy gallery.


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Unbridled Passion

August 16th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Gorgeous couple Jena and Mark meet for an afternoon of unbridled passion. Perhaps the zebra bedspread inspires them to indulge in a little wild sex…

Check out this steamy hardcore photoset at

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August 15th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Check out this free cunnilingus pics gallery I posted up today of Brenda getting her pussy and clit licked to orgasm. The picture below you can just tell she is telling her lover to lick RIGHT THERE because she is almost orgasming and if he stops, she won’t come.

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Bubble bath turns into erotic sex

August 14th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Brad is getting ready to take a bath, not knowing his lover Sue is watching him from the stairs. While she drools over seeing his hot body revealed when he undresses, then sinks into the tub, he sees an opportunity for some erotic sex.

There is something really sensual about a man pulling a fully dressed woman into a tub, and slowly peeling off her clothes while licking and kissing her.  You know her panties are wet with more than bath water by the time he gets around to peeling them off for some bubbly sex!

Explore more fantasy scenarios like this one at my site Fantasy Worlds For Women.  Mmmmm


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Couple in turn of the century costumes have hot sex

August 13th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

I love fantasy porn, and posted up a fantasy porn gallery today featuring a couple dressed in turn of the century costumes having sex on a setee. It makes me think of barmaids and dukes, getting together for a secret fling. Ahhhh, romance and sex, what is better? That is just one of the fantasy scenarios I explore on my site, Fantasy Worlds For Women. Visit today to live out all your naughty little fantasies.


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Seduction in Silk Stockings

August 8th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

We are not too sure about Carla’s fashion choices, her supposedly sexy over the knee socks look more like surgical stockings, but Tristan seems quite taken by the look…

Check out this sizzling seduction series at

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Oh yea, she is enjoying that

August 7th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

I posted up a gallery today of this couple having a toast to their relationship, then celebrating by having some steamy sex on the couch.  I love this picture thats on the gallery, you can tell by the look on her face, that she is REALLY enjoying his cock fucking her from behind.  I admit, its one of my favorite positions too. :)

Women having pleasure like that is one of the great things about the site For The Girls.  There, the focus is on us, and our pleasure, our orgasms.   And, they now have EXCLUSIVE couple movies full of lots of passion, kissing, foreplay, cunnilingus, steamy sex, and afterglow.  Yum.  Visit For The Girls Today for ALL their Hot Porn For Women! >>


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Sweet sixty-nine is always better than tv

August 6th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Christina is bored with tv, and talks her boyfriend Bobby into turning it off and getting into some hot sex instead.  Bobby gets her pussy nice and ready for his cock by licking it really good, then pulls her into some hot sixty-nine while the lick each other getting more and more turned on  Then its some hard fucking to orgasm.  Ahhhh, now doesn’t that feel better?


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Sizzling Centerfold

August 4th, 2009by Vicky · No Comments

Our amazing July Centerfold Jozef is a professional photographer and loves photographing beautiful women. Once we discovered Jozef was a bit of a hottie himself, we turned the camera on him with amazing results…

Trust us when we tell you, Jozef is worth a second look!

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