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Entries from March 2010

Brand New Exclusive Fantasy Gallery

March 18th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Jace had been taken into the nether realms, and Christine disparaged ever getting him back.  It was risky, but she called on her Loa, drawing all her power together and with her Staff, concentrated the power and followed his spirit to where he was hidden.  Feeling his spark, she pulled with every erg of power she had amassed over the past weeks, and brought him back to the land of the living again, whole and hearty.

Their love for each other swelled.  He had been gone 6 weeks, and both had tried to return to the other.  Jace picked her up, spun her around and carried her off, both of them laughing with delight.

They had a lot of loving to make up for, so they returned to their cabin and made sweet love for the rest of the day…  You can see the entire gallery in the members area of Fantasy Worlds For Women!

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Does Vampire Venom Drive A Woman Wild?

March 17th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Posted up a gallery today of this Emo girl having some great sex with her Vampire lover.  Being a big fan of the Twilight series of books, there is something very erotic of the thought of a Vampire kissing your neck, teasing it with his fang.  Will he bite you? Will he not?  What if his saliva is a narcotic, sending pleasure through your veins as he licks your clit and teases it with a drop of Vampire venom?  Oh yes, I can think of many wicked porn for women fantasies about vampires…can’t you?

This is the type of erotic scenarios I love to render about for Fantasy Worlds for Women.  Check out the free vampire gallery here, or visit the site for all my fantasy erotica!

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Castle Tightbuns

March 16th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Far away, locked in the tower of Castle Tightbuns, handsome Oliver awaits his fate, biding his time by posing manfully and inching down the waist of his tight trousers. Who will come to rescue him? It’s you, fair maiden!

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Buns For Breakfast

March 16th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

This is your typical breakfast scene – the morning papers, a bit of fresh fruit, and after that, some down and dirty morning sex. Laura’s buns are clearly satisfying James’ hunger in this pic, and things get much hotter later on when she sucks his cock and they fuck each other hard.

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Cunnilingus and sweet sex sounds like a plan to me

March 16th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Just posted up this gallery of an amateur couple enjoying some hot cunnilingus, then great sex.  Mmmmm, doesn’t that sound good right now?  I’m sitting here, on my laptop typing this at a table in a hotel room.  My husband is over sleeping.  He is not a morning person (it is still early) and I am.  But walking over to the bed and waking him up for some cunnilingus and sex sounds really good to me right now.  Unfortunately, he would not be awake enough, lol.  Maybe tonight…

But this couple don’t have that problem.  He really gets in there, licking her well before screwing her deep.  Check out the pictures for ideas on your next cunnilingus and sex session with your partner. ;)

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Lick me harder

March 12th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Just posted up a gallery of Lena getting her clit licked by her hunky boyfriend, Tony.  I love how he grabs her panties in his teeth to pull them aside, while his finger is on her clit.  That kind of raw sensuality is hot to me.

The gallery ends with the picture below of her looking up at him with come fuck me eyes, pulling his shirt off.  You know sex is on her mind!  Check out the porn for women gallery here!

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I’ll be your Nurse if you’ll be my Doctor of Love

March 11th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Posted up this gallery today. This horny couple decide to play doctor and naughty nurse in a vacant hospital room. There is something very erotic about sneaky sex…wondering if you will be busted…it intensifies your orgasm so much!

You can tell by the pictures too that she is really getting into the feel of his cock deep inside her.  Given how he is hung, I can see that it would feel really good.

Do you like having fantasy sex, or having sex in costumes? Make sure you check out my site, Fantasy Worlds For Women!

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By Jorge, He’s Smiling

March 10th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

When a naked man smiles like that, another fairy is born. At least, I think that’s how it goes. Certainly Jorge here has the kind of smile to inspire fantasies, and a body to match.

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Nothing like a massage from the hunky pool boy

March 10th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Just posted up a gallery today of this gal laying out in the sun when the hunky pool boy asks her if she’d like a bit of oil rubbed on her.  She agrees and when she notices how hot he is, she also agrees to have some oil spread all over her breasts.  One thing leads to another and soon his tongue is on her clit, and they are making love pool side.

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A Finger On Her Clit

March 10th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Oooh. Look at the way his finger is sunk into her pussy, hard against her clit. You know how it feels. Urgent. Strong. Incredible.  I love a man who knows how to use his hands to stroke you off!

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