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Entries from May 2010

Strawberry Champagne and Pussy Licking

May 18th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Some things are just made to go together: bees and honey, peaches and cream, strawberry champagne and pussy licking…

Lakiesha and Isaac retire for an intimate evening on the couch, starting with a bit of fruit and champers before moving on to the main course – salacious oral sex and some lovely hardcore fucking. This is a wonderfully romantic set of pics featuring a black couple – something of a rarity in porn where African American too often equals racist stereotypes… and the word “booty” in there somewhere.

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Fun in the tub

May 14th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

I love bubble baths, but they are much more fun shared with your lover! I love how Dan kisses Cindy so passionately. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to kiss well, and really enjoys kissing. Then touching, licking caressing, and finally orgasmic sex. Sounds perfect to me!  Check out the free gallery by clicking here.

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Magick leads to steamy sex

May 14th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Jace had been taken into the nether realms, and Christine disparaged ever getting him back. It was risky, but she called on her Loa, drawing all her power together and with her Staff, concentrated the power and followed his spirit to where he was hidden. Feeling his spark, she pulled with every erg of power she had amassed over the past weeks, and brought him back to the land of the living again, whole and hearty.

Their love for each other swelled. He had been gone 6 weeks, and both had tried to return to the other. Jace picked her up, spun her around and carried her off, both of them laughing with delight.

They had a lot of loving to make up for, so they returned to their cabin and made sweet love for the rest of the day…  See the free gallery by clicking here.

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Nude Guy With A Mischievous Smile

May 12th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Seth here has a very mischievous smile that’s quite adorable. What’s also appealing are those impressive groin muscles that simply draw the eye downwards. He’s not showing off his cock here, but rest assured, it’s quite an eyeful.

You can see all of Seth’s artistic nude photos at .

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Kinky Role Play

May 11th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

As typified by Tim Curry played Frank and Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, there’s been something irresistably sexy about a man in suspenders. It’s that lovely juxtaposition of maleness and stereotypical femininity that is simply delicious.

So this incredible photo set featuring hunk Gray wearing a shirt, tie, satin underpants and black suspenders is pretty damned hot. Gray plays sub to Miss Anna in a classroom setting and things get kinkier as he worships her feet and she teaches him a lesson with the cane. It’s naughty and playful and very, very sexy indeed.

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The Classic Centerfold Pose

May 7th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Back in the 70s, when male centerfolds were shockingly new, this “reclining on the couch” pose was de rigeur for all aspiring stud muffins. Burt Reynolds’ classic 1972 centerfold features him relaxing nude, still breathing despite the weight of his mustache, looking every bit like the suave sexual god we knew him to be.

So Jack here is following in lofty footsteps (or is that bumsteps?). He’s got the pose just right, perfectly nonchalant yet still daring us to look away from the magnificence of his wedding tackle. This photo is just pure class all the way. Of course, the rest of the set is pretty good too. Jack is quite the hottie and a favourite at For The Girls.


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Victorian couple have tryst in the park

May 4th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Finally finished this set of 3d pictures last night, and put them live on my site, Fantasy Worlds For Women. :)It features Vera and Jaston, who had been seeing each other for some time. They had never gone beyond a few kisses, but when Jaston lead her to a deserted park, Vera knew that sex was on his mind.

The turn of the century couple start with some kisses, he licks her neck, touches her breasts, then lifts her dress and licks her to orgasm.

They get down to some sixty-nine and some hot and heavy lovemaking on the grass in the park!  You can see all the high-def pics ONLY inside my site of this costumed couple!

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Steamy sex on the couch

May 3rd, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Just posted up a gallery of Frank and Annie having some romantic sex on a brown leather couch.  Yumm! Check out all their delicious pics by clicking here. I love the pic below, you know they are up to something naughty by the look in both their eyes in that pic. ;)

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Her Clit Is Throbbing In His Ear

May 3rd, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

You know, I get the feeling that Billy here isn’t really a doctor. Usually qualified doctors tend to check for a heartbeat much higher up. Then again, perhaps he’s trying out a new kind of gynecological clit-testing method.

In any case, this fun hardcore couples set involves Kara visiting Billy in the doctor’s surgery, and naturally a simple checkup descends into filthy full-on fucking, as inevitably happens when we women visit the clinic. Given that Billy is quite the hottie, I’m not surprised that Kara consented to a thorough examination with his tongue and cock.

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Rock Hard At The Rockpools

May 2nd, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Look what the tide brought in – a sexy older man getting rock hard at the rockpools. Steve here strips out of his Speedos to reveal a taut body and thick cock. If Mermen existed, they might look a little bit like this.

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