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Entries from September 2010

Early Morning Nookie

September 14th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

George wakes up next to Katerina feeling a little frisky. Some passionate kissing and lusty clit licking soon has her in the mood for a bit of early morning nookie

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Beach Bum

September 14th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

It’s fun to collect things that get washed up on the beach. Shells, driftwood, messages in a bottle, nude guys…

Marco here looks like the perfect castaway, oblivious to our prying eyes. There’s a lovely innocence to this pic, not to mention a certain artistic verve. Of course, he’s much MUCH more naked in the other photos.

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Banana Leads to Sex

September 14th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Nothing like nibbling on a banana in a seductive manner to get your lover thinking of sex! That is exactly what happens when Jill nibbles on this banana, then deep throats it while her lover Jake watches.  He ends up nibbling on her too, laying her down and eating her out until she orgasms before fucking her with his big hard dick.  Who knew fruit could be so good for your sex life.  Check out their free gallery by clicking here.

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Nibbles Kisses and Licks

September 13th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Ahhh yes.  You and your lover are going to make love.  Don’t you love when he undresses you slowly, nibbling and licking his way down your body…even your feet? That is what Greg does in these pics to Rachel.  Check out their free gallery.

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Spicing Up Sex

September 12th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Paul and I had not had sex in weeks. He was working tons of overtime at work, trying to get ahead, and every night I sat alone, waiting for him to get home, hoping he wasn’t too tired. So when he came home, I greeted him at the door in a black corset, panties, thigh high stockings and high heels. He wasn’t too tired tonight as we made love on the couch with him licking me to orgasm.  Check out their free site, Spicing Up Sex.

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Meet Me In The Woods

September 10th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

I was so worried. My boyfriend Tonio had asked me to meet him in our favorite spot in the woods, and he was a 1/2 hr late.

I just KNEW he was going to break up with me! He’d been moody for weeks…
He rushed in, “Sorry I’m late, Love. It took me longer to get ready than I though” he said a bit breathlessly. Here it goes. I thought, THE BREAKUP.

He reached for me and kissed me slowly with passion, stroking his hands up under my shirt, brushing my breasts the way he knows I love. Pulling up my shirt to get better access to lick my nipples, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Are you breaking up with me Tonio?” I asked, with a sob in my voice.

“Breaking up? No way, I want to propose to you!” And he pulled out a ring and put it on my finger. “Will you Marry Me Lucy?”  Read the rest of the story, and see the pics at Meet Me In The Woods.

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Lovemaking by the fire

September 9th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

I don’t care if it is the middle of summer, there is always something romantic about making love by a fire. This couple have a hot and heavy makeout session on the rug by the fire. He starts by kissing her breasts and neck. He slowly undresses her as he licks her.

Then they make love in a variety of positions until the orgasms are running through them….  Check out their free site, Love by the Fire.

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Cunnilingus on the Couch

September 8th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Cathrine and Bobby are new lovers. Remember that first flush? When you just become lovers, and you can’t keep your hands off each other? Inside are two galleries of two different times they make love on two different couches. And both times, Bobby licks Cathrine to Orgasm. Now there is MY kind of lover!  Check out their free site, Couch Top Cunnilingus.

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Hot and Hard Loving

September 8th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

Stacey and David are feeling extremely horny and can’t keep their hand off each other. They kiss, suck and lick each other like there is no tomorrow and the sex is hot and hard.

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Toned And Tasty

September 8th, 2010by Vicky · No Comments

As you can see, Steve has hold of his more than ample package, and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to work out what he has tucked away in his bright red Speedos.

If you want to see the whole package, you can check out Steve’s pics at

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