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Couples Erotica

Wouldn't YOU like to be the woman in the mask?
The Gladiator's Request

Got Porn For Women Happs

Welcome to Got Porn For Women

Handsome Hunks

Ooooh a new site I just ran across with the hottest guy!
Hunky Flynn gets wet and sexy
Another site featuring a hot delicious hunk
Just added the Centerfold for March - Rod
What is it about wet men?
Sample Movie from Steamy Erotica For Her
Do you like your bum with a bit of fluff?
I Finished Sexy Wet Men!
Brand New Site - Sexy Muscle Men
I went shopping for gorgeous wet men


Living Will
New Cowboy Boots

My Day to Day Life

Lots of Dots - The start of my new tattoo
Good Time at Internext
Happy New Years Everyone!
Happy 4th of July Everyone!
I'm just a melting in the sun
Windy Cold Day
Nothing like pulling up behind a tiger at an intersection
I'm finally feeling better, hurrah!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day
Played a free slot tournament and won!
Are you going to watch the red moon tomorrow night?
Tattoos and Piercings oh MY
My View as I try to work
Darkly Erotic....I LOVED Phantom!
I can't wait for tomorrow...
Work progresses on our porch
We are on the mend and starting a new project
Been fighting the flu
Got my Results Back...I have lumpy boobs
Been sick with the flu
Trimming the bushes...not THOSE bushes
Have you ever dictated while you type?
Worked all day on my link list, now its time to play
Still waiting for results...
I'm Back From Vegas
Happy New Year!

My Sites For Women

New TGP Page at Hot Porn For Women
Finally updated Hot Porn For Women
Delicious Gallery of Cunnilingus Pics
New Free Site Fishnet Frolic
Added new centerfold to Steamy Erotica For Her
New free site for women, Gangster Lovin
New Free Site for Women Pixs for Chicks
New Free Site The Officers Seduction
Added the Centerfold of the Month to Steamy Erotica For Her
Still Windy and cold but got a free site done ;)
New Free Site Love Sonnets
Love Sonnets My latest free site
1 800 Sex - You never know who is listening!
Brand new site for women - Steamy Erotica For Her!
First Roman Orgy Erotic Story to Pics
Seduced by a Count Fantasy Free Site
Hot Dogs and Cunnilingus Anyone?

Other Erotica for Women

Found another good free story...Hawaiian Valentine
Making Love by the Campfire
Does Cream Turn you On?
Playgirltv, a review of the site
Finished my Illustrated Erotic Stories Site
71 year old Naomi Wilzig Honored for World Erotic Art Museum

Porn in the News

Hardcore Porn Interrupts Local TV

Sexuality Explored

Keep in shape the sexy way
This woman loves to watch porn
What do women like in Porn?
Pornography has its benefits
The Feminist Porn Awards
Came Across an Interesting Site Today

Weird News

Cat survives 3 weeks crossing ocean
The computer ate my grades

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