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Mon Feb 05, 2007

Wouldn't YOU like to be the woman in the mask?

One of the great things about promoting Playgirl's website,
is they send me new hunk pictures from the site every month. ;) One of the pics they sent me I found REALLY erotic, and it is this one.
Erotic Couple
Not only is the man absolutely delicious, with a cock that looks just the right size for a very nice ride, I found the masked woman holding him from behind erotic too. I could write an entire erotic story to go with this one picture,
involving a woman going to a club where she got to pick any man she wanted to spend time with...and wear a mask to keep her anonymity. Mmmmm that has got my juices flowing.

If you want to see a LOT more erotic pics like this, plus great movies, and the most beautiful hunks on the planet, make sure you check out Playgirl's website. Delicious baby!

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 05, 07 | 8:00 pm

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Sat Jan 06, 2007

The Gladiator's Request

I've been writing Illustrated Erotic Stories now for awhile, as evidenced by my site I recently finished that showcased my collection of stories.

But The Gladiator's Request is my first story that deals with historical themes, and has pictures with it that are true to those themes.

It explores the relationship of a Gladiator to his sponsor, this being the widow of a famous Roman. Since Celadus is a free man volunteer (as opposed to the slaves that were conscripted to fight) he has rank and status. He has won every match he ever fought in the arena...but he has yet to win the most important match...paring with his lifebond.

This story is his request to court and seduce the lady of his dreams, and you will just have to go read the story to find out how it ends. ;) Click here for The Gladiator's Request Illustrated Erotic Story

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 06, 07 | 10:11 am

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