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Sun Jan 20, 2008

Ooooh a new site I just ran across with the hottest guy!

With Marcello features a VERY handsome man posing. Ok, that sounds like a lot of sites. What makes this different, is the pictures are over the top. This guy dresses in suits, poses on expensive cars, pours champagne over his toes. Wow I'd love to be his lover, I bet he'd indulge the hell out of you!

Here is a composit of one of my favorite shoots has he wears a gorgeous suit and gets in the shower slowly stripping down. Ok, I have a men in shower fetish, but this guy is REALLY hot!

I recommend you click on over to With Marcello and check him out. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 20, 08 | 1:45 pm

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Mon Mar 19, 2007

Hunky Flynn gets wet and sexy

Built a site today featuring a hottie named Flynn called Flynns All Wet which features Flynn doing a VERY sexy strip tease in a shower, then soaping up his hard body and harder cock. YUMM. Check it out!

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 19, 07 | 5:25 pm

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Fri Mar 02, 2007

Another site featuring a hot delicious hunk

Jim asks, want to unwrap my package? Its hard, and round, and ready to explode....


Oh YESSS, I'd unwrap that any day! Jim is the latest hunk to be added to my site Sexy Muscle Men. Full of hardbodied STRAIGHT Men you could bounce a quarter off their tight abs and buns. ;) If you are into guys that are very muscular, check it out!

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 02, 07 | 5:19 pm

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Wed Feb 28, 2007

Just added the Centerfold for March - Rod

As I reported in my blog, I had contractors here doing some work. Well I lucked out, on the last day, one of the guys was a total hottie that came to work, and was looking for some extra money. Sooo, I asked him if he wanted to be interviewed for my site Steamy Erotica For Her and model for me in exchange for some extra cash...and he agreed. :)

Inside Steamy Erotica For Her, you can see all the HOT pics of Rod, plus all our handsome hunks, couples erotica, illustrated stories, and xxx movies. Make sure you visit Rod is single and looking for the right woman!

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 28, 07 | 7:54 pm

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Tue Feb 27, 2007

What is it about wet men?

Maybe I'm weird, but pictures of wet men, or wet and soapy men really turn me on...a LOT. I was just posting up some pics from my sites and posted up this picture of Brendon from my site Sexy Wet Men and it really gets my juices flowing.

Just click to enlarge

. I just want to run my tongue on his body and follow that water right down to that delicious erection. Mmmmm

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 27, 07 | 12:14 pm

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Sun Feb 18, 2007

Sample Movie from Steamy Erotica For Her

I posted a link to this movie on the tour of Steamy Erotica For Her it is of Max dressed as a construction worker (well, he has a hard hat and boots on, not many construction workers I know working in tiny thong jock straps) and doing a very sexy dance and strip tease with a ladder.
see sexy guys stripping and wanking off

Oh My GOD this guy is hot! You can see the entire movie inside our site....I KNOW you are going to LOVE it!

Visit Steamy Erotica For Her Today!

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 18, 07 | 11:40 am

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Mon Feb 05, 2007

Do you like your bum with a bit of fluff?

I found an article in The australian news that covered a Australia's nude olympics that was judging men's bums. That conjures pictures. "Nicely tanned, good overall shape, very firm and nice fuzz," said judge Jhabel, explaining what she was looking for.

Her sister judge, Karen Prior, was looking for "a bit of colour and nice bum-fluff". Bum fluff? That to me sounds odd. I've seen pictures of light skinned men with BLACK THICK bum hair and that just grosses me the hell out. I guess if they were tanned with blonde "bum-fluff" that would be a different story.

I personally like smooth men. Kinda like in the picture posted above this one. My husband is 1/2 native american, and has almost no body hair...and I love that. I can lick him ALL over and not get hair in my mouth. ;)

I wish the picture was able to print the winner's bum. I'd love to be able to judge for myself if I'd of given him first prize. *sigh*

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 05, 07 | 8:05 am

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Mon Jan 08, 2007

I Finished Sexy Wet Men!

I had a VERY productive weekend, I got two more fantasy sites finished. :) My second, Sexy Wet Men, is definitely a favorite of mine, full of delicious hunks getting naked, soapy and wet. Took me a little longer to build it, because I was so busy drooling over all the pictures, and had a hard time figuring out who I was going to feature on the tour. Did I mention I love my job? Make sure you check it out, if you are like me and love your beefcake wet and sexy, this is YOUR site. Sexy Wet Men... come on in the water is warm, and the men are HOT!

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 08, 07 | 7:58 pm

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Fri Jan 05, 2007

Brand New Site - Sexy Muscle Men

Mmmmm I love my job! I have a brand new site called Sexy Muscle Men full of muscular hunks getting naked and showing off their hard bodies and really hard cocks. Here are a few sample pics from the site, I'm sure you will agree these guys are HOTTIES!


Don't they just make you hot and bothered? Visit today and see all my Sexy Muscle Men!

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 05, 07 | 5:30 pm

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Tue Jan 02, 2007

I went shopping for gorgeous wet men

God I love my job. ;) I went looking for pictures to buy for the site I plan on building featuring slippery soapy and wet men. Makes me shudder just thinking about it. Nothing like spending HOURS looking at pics of men and picking out only the hottest ones to put on my site.

Here are two of my FAVORITE pics. I wish I could find more of men wet in clothes. This guy really made me hot and bothered.

Don't you just want to lick the water off that body, and peek in those jocky shorts to see what he has under there? Mmmmmm

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 02, 07 | 4:39 pm

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