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Sun Mar 04, 2007

Found another good free story...Hawaiian Valentine

Having lived in Hawaii 18 years, I could relate to this story called Hawaiian Valentine. I too have strolled along the beach at Sunset, all alone with my honey....but I admit I never got to get naked and make love in the surf like these two did. Now that would have been REALLY fun.

I actually lived about a mile one time from a nude beach, so I could have done that no problem, but I'd of been a bit self conscious, lol. Hawaiian Valentine. It is a great story with some hot pics I'm sure you will love. Aloha Nui Loa.

Go check out

Posted by: Vicky on Mar 04, 07 | 8:03 am

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Mon Feb 26, 2007

Making Love by the Campfire

I'm on a roll finding erotic stories, this one is called By The Campfire and tells the story of a couple who go camping and find themselves alone and able to make love outdoors.

This is one of my favorite fantasies...there is something very erotic about being in a public place, next to a burning fire...with the fear of discovery providing an edge on your bliss. Go and read the story and enjoy the pics. I'm sure you will have your fingers dancing on your clit whilst you read. :)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 26, 07 | 1:33 pm

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Sun Feb 25, 2007

Does Cream Turn you On?

I came across this story today called Cream. It is about one woman who is turrned on by whipped cream...especially the use of licking it off her. ;) It is a really nice story, check it out. The story is written by Karen who owns the site For The Girls and is REALLY good at writing erotic text. Their site has a bloody TON of erotica inside...I know because I've been a member of it for about a year. Plus lots of pics, monthly hunky centerfolds, couples pics, and movies. Go and check out the story, then check out the site too. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Feb 25, 07 | 1:29 pm

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Fri Jan 19, 2007

Playgirltv, a review of the site

Today I got to take a peek in the membership of a site I recently found on the net, PlaygirlTV and WOW was I not dissapointed! This is the online site for the magazine playgirl, and like the magazine is full of sexy hunks.

First thing I noticed is, they have the entire magazine scanned in and you can flip through the pages, clicking on thumbnails to enlarge any pages you'd like to read...or just drool over more. That is a really nice feature, since this is a great magazine.

They also have a section of feature articles that are informative, tittalating, and get you thinking. I loved the Penis Profiles...defining men by their type of penises. You really need to go and read that article, and see where YOUR lover fits in.

The PGTV Hunks section features a delicious variety of really buffed hunk pics. The only negative I could find in the site was when you go to vew their pictures, there isn't a collection of thumbnails that you can pick and choose which pic you want to look at, but rather just back and next buttons that take you through the entire set. Given how well each of the photos are shot though, this isn't a big negative, because you are probably going to want to go through each and every pic. The sets are also not large, and no pics are a "junk shot" like you'd see on some sites.

The BEST thing about the site I feel though are the movies. The ones I viewed were VERY high quality (I downloaded the high speed version). Unlike movies you would find in a site geared towards men, these are shot with the WOMAN's pleasure in mind. Their Second Honeymoon, staring Mario Rossi and Shayla is one of the most passionate movies I've seen in a long time where he romances his wife in a second honeymoon. And there are lots and lots of movies like this...some very tender and passionate. Others wild and hot. Plus solo movies of some REALLY hot guys that will make you squirm.

Under the extra's section, they have GREAT erotic stories which I personally love, and pictorials where their pictures tell erotic stories without words...

All in all, I feel this is a WONDERFUL site for women with a LOT of exclusive, original content that will keep your fingers flying for months and months. Click NOW and Check Out PlaygirlTV!

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 19, 07 | 11:34 am

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Tue Jan 09, 2007

Finished my Illustrated Erotic Stories Site

It is 12:03 am, and I'm bleary eyed from working on my computer all day on my latest site, My Illustrated Erotic Stories. It has all original stories written by me, illustrated with hardcore pictures. The stories are some of my favorite fantasies, (which I will be adding more in the future). The site also has a ton of bonus content including some hot movies of guys playing with themselves, and couples getting naked and nasty.

Make sure you check it out, I know you will LOVE it. :)

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 09, 07 | 12:03 am

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Wed Jan 03, 2007

71 year old Naomi Wilzig Honored for World Erotic Art Museum

One of the world's most unique art collectors, 71 year old Naomi Wilzig will be presented with the Key to the City of Miami Beach to mark the one year anniversary of her World Erotic Art Museum ( The tribute, in recognition of her help in "enhancing the cultural stature of Miami Beach," will be presented to her by Tourism Director, Michael Aller, on Wednesday, October 18th.
MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Oct. 12 PRNewswire

Way to go Naomi! I hope when I'm 71 years old, I'll still be interested in erotic art. She has written 5 books about her erotic art collection, and lectures on erotic art to college students.

I tried to pull up her website at but it doesn't appear to be working. Given the article, her server might be getting swamped with requests. You might want to try the url in a few days. I can't wait to see what she has, wish I was travelling to FL in the near future, I'd visit it.

Posted by: Vicky on Jan 03, 07 | 8:54 pm

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