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Sat Jul 07, 2007

New Free Site Fishnet Frolic

Nothing like wearing sexy fishnet stocking with no undies then having your lover lick your clit through them. I love too when he rips a hole in them and fucks her through them! I always fantasize about winding a guy up enough to have him rip my clothes in order to bury himself inside me, and these pics live out that fantasy. ;) Fishnets Frolic

Posted by: Vicky on Jul 07, 07 | 10:44 am

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Fri Jul 06, 2007

Added new centerfold to Steamy Erotica For Her

Added July centerfold Zed to Steamy Erotica For Her today. Zed was a waiter that I had at an upscale CA resturant that allowed me to film him in the of my favorite things. (you'd know that if you'd visited my site Sexy Wet Men.) Join the site today and read my interview with this hunk.

Posted by: Vicky on Jul 06, 07 | 10:54 am

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Thu Jul 05, 2007

New free site for women, Gangster Lovin

I always have liked men a little rough around the edges. Ones that have the scent of danger clinging to them. So when I found these pics, I knew I had to have them and make a site with them. I call it Gangester Loving. Where this shady character takes his lady out in the middle of nowhere and screws her on the car, in the car, in front of the car...well you get the idea.

Posted by: Vicky on Jul 05, 07 | 10:42 am

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Wed Jul 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

I spent the day playing Bingo, and I think that is enough Bingo to last me for awhile, lol. They had an 18 game special at 1:00, but to be able to even get a seat for the session, you had to attend the 11:00 session.

I got there at 10:30 am, figuing I was getting there soon enough, and the place was packed. I was lucky to find a seat. come to find out, some of those women are there at 7:30 in the morning to get their "lucky seat".

I ended up winning $100, so I can't complain, but I was almost falling asleep over my cards by the end of that. I didn't leave the casino until 3:30 that afternoon...after what felt like 20 hours of bingo, lol.

Went home and later that night, watched the fireworks over a downtown casino from our backyard, then my husband and I made some fireworks of our own. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on Jul 04, 07 | 10:36 am

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Thu Jun 28, 2007

New Free Site for Women Pixs for Chicks

I realized something, there really isn't any tgp (thumbnail gallery posts) sites with galleries that are built specifically for women, so I decided to build one. One of the reasons I haven't posted much, is I was working on this. ;)

I invite you all to check out Pixs for Chicks, full of free pictures of cunnlingus, hardcore sex, buffed hunks, fantasy, and romance...all just for women.

Posted by: Vicky on Jun 28, 07 | 10:40 am

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Sat Jun 09, 2007

New Free Site The Officers Seduction

I built this today for all the women who love fantasy and role-playing The Officer's Seduction. It features pictures from my fantasy site, Fantasy Worlds For Women.

When Brent and Alice got married, she had one request for their wedding night...for him to seduce her and make love to her in his uniform. She wore her white lingerie under her dress and they drove each other crazy with teasing caresses and almost touches until they consumated their marriage with wild abandon! Click Now To See ALL their hot and juicy pics!

Posted by: Vicky on Jun 09, 07 | 8:42 am

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Fri Jun 08, 2007

The computer ate my grades

You've heard the old excuse kids haved used for years, "The Dog ate my homework" well now the teachers have one, "The computer ate your grades." Read the whole story here. "Officials of Pennsylvania's Hollidaysburg Area School District say a computer crash has led to the permanent loss of fourth-quarter grades for more than three-thousand students. ". Makes me wonder if it wasn't vandalism.

Posted by: Vicky on Jun 08, 07 | 8:45 am

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Sun Jun 03, 2007

New Free Site For Women - Figure Study Finals

I used to fantasize about a LOT of my college professors, and would sit in class undressing them and wondering what their cocks looked like, and if they would be good in bed.

This free site is dedicated to that fantasy as Jill has a private make-up final exam with her art teacher who poses nude for her to draw. She ends up getting a good licking from him, then fucking on the desk. Ahhhh. :) Click here to check it out

Posted by: Vicky on Jun 03, 07 | 12:39 pm

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Fri Jun 01, 2007

Added the Centerfold of the Month to Steamy Erotica For Her

This month's centerfold is Tony, a delicious WELL HUNG man who works at the car dealership I always go to. You can read my interview, plus see all his pics inside my site Steamy Erotica For Her

Posted by: Vicky on Jun 01, 07 | 12:37 pm

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Sat May 26, 2007

I'm just a melting in the sun

I haven't been posting much on the blog lately because I've been doing a lot of work on my non adult business of selling handmade soap. My hubby and I did a show today for Memorial Day and it got up to 100 degrees and we had some of our beautiful glycerin soaps melt in the sun. I was so hot and miserable it felt like the longest day of my life, and to top it off, we had less than $50 in sales. That's it. No more soap craft shows until fall and it cools off! So I'll be posting alot more on the blogs and more free sites now that I'm not doing as much soap work. ;)

Posted by: Vicky on May 26, 07 | 12:45 pm

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